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ALE jacks-up topside and aids speedier load-out
The time and cost efficiency of ALE’s Mega Jack system has been demonstrated while completing a 14 meter-high jack-up of a topside in Mexico.
Crane and rigging companies join forces for intricate project
Omega Morgan, Apex Steel and Lifting Gear Hire collaborated to install support columns for the 2+U project in Seattle. 
Bigge manages precision lifts
Strand jack systems play a critical role in bridge building.
ACT rounds up specialized rigging projects
ACT’s annual roundup of specialized rigging projects that required expert know-how and extraordinary engineering. 
Chellino Crane lifts 200,000 pound press
M-L Holdings Crane Group company Chellino Crane and the Alternative Movement Division (AMD) helped a customer in Illinois with a press lift.
SC&RA Rigging and Hauling JOY Awards
Exclusive SC&RA Job of the Year Award coverage
Marco Crane has 'roaring' success with lifting project
Marco Crane & Rigging completed the complex lift of a 20,000-pound bronze lion sculpture at the San Diego Zoo.
Gantries remain versatile crane alternative
Mammoet’s Mark Lane discusses how gantries can be a game changer when rigging heavy loads.
OXBO performs incredible work for ferry project
In August of 2017, OXBO Mega Transport Solutions performed an incredible scope of work that greatly expedited the building of the Suquamish ferry. 
ALE conquers 'never attempted' transport
Over 500,000 pounds: Covering almost 1,000 land and nautical river miles in Venezuela, United Kingdom-based ALE was tasked with transporting six 22 MW power plant engines from Puerto Ordaz to the Santa Ines Refinery
Precision manages a meticulous move
Under 160,000 pounds: Precision Specialized Division transported expensive and fragile high-tech instruments, cased in thousands of pounds of steel, over a precarious route. 
Fagioli installs 19 mobile gates with custom system
Over $2 million: Between 2016 and 2017, Fagioli installed 19 corresponding 450-ton mobile gates with a Fagioli-built customized launching system.    
Barnhart completes intricate power plant project
$750,000 to $2 million: Barhart’s winning project took place at a nuclear power plant in Louisiana and required an innovative concept and aggressive execution plan.
Fagioli faces complex TRG transfer
From June to September 2017, Fagioli was involved in a challenging operation in Romania for the lifting, skidding and jacking down operations of a 182.4-ton Top Ram Guide (TRG). 
Barnhart tackles tight spaces in reactor installation
Under $150,000: Barnhart installed a silicon reactor for their client, Evonik, in late March of 2017 – a journey that took them through incredibly tight spaces and ultimately up a vertical shaft for securement on the second floor of a manufacturing facility. 
Dieleman leads family business with expertise
It is only natural that Crystal Dieleman would become a major player in the crane industry. 
Capacity at ALE exceeds 100,000 tonnes
Additional Mega Jack towers take ALE above 100,000 tonnes total jacking capacity
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