Landoll Corporation has unveiled an all-new non-ground bearing detachable trailer designed for heavy hauls. The 860-CE Construction Detachable trailers’ standard features include 120,000-pound capacity within 14 feet, 102-inch wide, hydraulic quick couplers, Grote wiring harness and LED lighting. The trailer has full air with spring brakes on three axles and ABS 4S/2M sensors.

860F CE 3qtr Rear Loaded-Edit-081120-News

The 860-CE Construction Detachable trailer is designed for heavy hauls. 

The gooseneck features a patented design with seven ride heights available. The operator can lower the deck to within a few inches of the ground and fully operate the trailer with 6.5 inches of loaded ground clearance.

The Model 860-CE comes standard with three axles and provisions for an optional fourth axle flip or add a single axle nitrogen stinger. The Model 860 CE has a heavy-duty neck that comes with dual king pin setting at 90-inch and 108 inches and provisions for an optional 36-inch flip extension. This trailer configuration can be utilized up to an eight-axle combination and gross 160,000 pounds in some states, the company said.