Mammoet’s purpose is to help its clients improve construction efficiency and optimize the uptime of their plants and installations, which is why the company has placed an order for 10 Demag all terrain cranes including an AC 500-8 crane, three Terex MAC 25-4 pick & carry cranes and a Demag CC 3800-1 crawler crane. The cranes will be added to Mammoet’s crane fleet, unparalleled in size, variety and capacities, and help the company continue to provide industry leading productivity and performance for its broad range of customers.

Demag cc 3800 1

Pictured is the Demag CC 3800-1 lattice boom crawler crane, which is the preferred choice for constructing wind turbines.

Committed to having the latest equipment advances, Mammoet’s new fleet of Demag all terrain cranes feature innovations like the Demag IC-1 Plus control system and a single engine concept with an intelligent motor management system. The IC-1 Plus control system provides real time calculation of the lifting capacities. This allows the crane to perform jobs usually reserved for larger machines. The single engine with start and stop function reduces idle times and total engine hours, which contributes to the reduction of fuel costs and helps preserve the crane’s residual value.

The popular Terex Mac 25-4 pick & carry crane has a 28-ton lift capacity and a maximum boom length of 60 feet. Mammoet’s three units include intuitive controls with a large LCD and cruise control, making them simple to operate, easy to rig and fast to transport from one job to the next.

Mammoet’s powerful Demag CC 3800-1 lattice boom crawler crane is the industry’s preferred choice for constructing wind turbines. The 717-ton capacity crane features an ergonomic cab and includes fall protection as standard equipment.