Roll-Lift USA added another Liebherr telescopic crawler crane to its fleet. With the purchase of this highly versatile equipment, Roll-Lift is aiming for change. Whether on a shutdown or on green field project, these machines proof their own strength. They are easy to transport and relocate, self-erecting, have narrow and wide track options, the ability to walk under pipe racks and a good lifting chart.

Roll-Lift crane LTR1220

Roll-Lift has recently added a LTR1220 to its fleet. 

The telescopic crawler crane LTR1220 was already introduced in 2012, but is rather new on the U.S. market. The 220-ton crane is very flexible and manoeuvrable, with a maximum lifting height of 331 feet and working radius of 289 feet. Although the industry standard is to be measured by size, this relative small crane of the Roll-Lift fleet, was selected because of its versatility.

President of Roll-Lift USA, Denis Brouwer, explained, ”As a Heavy Lifting and Transportation company we operate a full range of crawler cranes. Having introduced these machines to the various contractors we see that the market has an appetite for this type of cranes. I think that the days of mechanical cranes are over, and that the LTR machines will have the future for supporting the construction industry.’’

Roll-Lift is currently expanding its fleet with new cranes to offer clients more possibilities.

”We have decided to name the cranes after one of our employees,” added Brouwer. “It was a habit when I started working in this industry, the first crane I ever met was Big Molly. We have named this latest LTR1220 crane Bubba, after our colleague who took care of the purchase.’’