Caldwell will be introducing Smart Spec, a next generation application that can be accessed from a computer or smart device to configure equipment to meet exact requirements.

Users can improve their entire buying cycle from creation to delivery by using the Smart Spec technology. Beginning with product configuration, Smart Spec creates real-time pricing options with recommendations and delivers a proposal. With expert knowledge at your fingertips, you have everything you need to make a buying decision quickly. Smart Spec walks you through the application via its pulldown menus by asking a few specific questions. From this your new lifter is generated right in-front of your eyes.

Once your design is completed a quote is automatically e-mailed to you and to Caldwell for follow-up. When ordered, all necessary information is immediately sent to our manufacturing gteam to get your custom product on the fast track for production. It’s done all online fast and simple.

This application is available first quarter of 2018.