A roundtable with five tower crane technology experts will discuss hook cameras and other operator aids at the Tower Cranes North America (TCNA) conference in Miami, FL on June 19th.


Peter Hird, joint managing director of BlokCam.

The session will cover new technologies including hook cameras, computer generated site maps, object detection technology, pre-programmed ‘work points,’ and the use of standard devices such as tablets in the operator’s cab.

The uses of cameras will be a key dtopic. One of the panellists, Peter Hird, the co-founder and joint managing director of BlokCam Ltd, believes there is a wider role for cameras not least because there is more ‘blind lifting’ carried out than commonly perceived.

“I feel the overall view given by the crane and lifting industry deems blind lifting as a low percentage of our day to day operation,” said Hird, “In fact it’s a lot higher than we think, and most crane operators are working in the blind a lot. This factor changes day by day on all types of sites.”

Also up for discussion will be new technology for site managers, contractors and crane owners to manage multiple cranes on site. This will include the latest developments in anti-collision systems, the use of cameras for insurance and incident recording, and logging of crane operation data.

The five panelists are:

  • Mike Heacock (vice president, tower crane sales, North and Latin America, Manitowoc Cranes)
  • Peter Hird (co-founder & joint managing director, BlokCam Ltd)
  • Chris Machut (founder & chief technology officer, Netarus/HoistCam)
  • Jean-Charles Delplace (general manager, SMIE and CEO, Smart Jobsite)
  • Manon Huard (OEM sales manager, RaycoWylie Systems).

TCNA is organized by KHL Group and its magazines International Cranes and Specialized Transport and American Cranes & Transport (ACT). The SC&RA is the partner association. The conference comprises a networking reception on the evening of 18 June followed by a full-day conference on June 19th.

For more information on the conference program and to book, visit www.khl-tcna.com