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Steve Filipov (1)

Filipov’s fresh perspective

D.Ann Shiffler and Hannah Sundermeyer sit down with Manitex CEO and Director Steve Filipov to discuss the future of the company and his business acumen.





Heavy haul projects require street smarts

Never run-of-the-mill projects, heavy hauling requires crackerjack know-how and ingenuity.  

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Tower crane market is steady, but temperamental

As the market for tower cranes levels off, product variety across the industry is greatly increasing.

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Sarah Emig breaks industry barriers

Sarah Emig is breaking the mold as a young crane operator at Connelly Crane. Hannah Sundermeyer reports. 

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North American multi-crane projects

Whether it’s two cranes working together to place an object or several cranes working in tandem to perform a massive project, multi-crane jobsites can be complicated.  


Environmental extremes and steel lifting

Understanding how cold temperatures and marine environments impact the safety of steel lifting equipment.

100th Transformer Driving

Alamo Crane hauls transformers

Alamo Crane Service beefed up its trailer fleet to haul transformers for the City of San Antonio.


Imperial Crane rescues fire truck

Imperial Crane Services rushed to the aid of a Chicago fire truck trapped in a parking garage.

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Industry programs benefit aging workforce

ACT spoke with several companies implementing industry apprenticeships.

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Simulators serve as invaluable tool

Simulators are the paving the way for the future of crane training technology.

HPZ with Sling Armor

News from below the hook

Technologies in below-the-hook rigging gear are constantly advancing.


Benefits of triangular rigging tools

In rigging applications, it’s often the triangle shape that is the most useful. Chad Fox reports exclusively for ACT.

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ICUEE: What’s New Review

D.Ann Shiffler provides an overview of the new lifting equipment, rigging gear, safety products and services that will debut at ICUEE.

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Exclusive SC&RA Crane & Rigging Workshop show guide

Join the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association for its annual Crane & Rigging Workshop in Glendale, Arizona, USA


Building bridges across North America

The ACT team rounds up some of the latest in innovative bridge projects, 


TNT tackles lift project

Before its primary job installing a transmission pole could be performed, TNT Crane & Rigging had to solve several problems. D.Ann Shiffler reports.


ALL aids higher learning

The ALL Family of Companies responds to a nationwide building boom on college campuses.

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Telescopic crawlers are go-to tool

Known for their agility, quick setup and efficient pick-and-carry capabilities, telescopic crawlers get the job done on a variety of projects across North America. 

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Lube-A-Boom sticks to core values

In the 17 years since it was launched, Lube-A-Boom has become a standard in the realm of crane lubrication products. Jo Roberts leads the company with dedication and acumen.


Steve Filipov (1)

Filipov’s fresh perspective

D.Ann Shiffler and Hannah Sundermeyer sit down with Manitex CEO and Director Steve Filipov to discuss the future of the company and his business acumen.


RISK MANAGEMENT: Understanding the ‘Reptile Theory’

Bill Smith discusses how to protect your company from a frustrating legal trend.

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SYNOPSIS: Rigger responsibilities

ASME offers clarification on Rigger safety standards.

GMK5150 on 6'x6'mats

Mat technology from Greenfield

Greenfield Products’ Smart Crane Mats bring a different concept to the market.


Greiner tackles historic bridge

Greiner Industries used its Demag AC 500 to remove an historic bridge that was heavy and rickety.

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Compact work in Cali

A Maeda MC405 mini crane works on the expansion of a crucial San Francisco ferry terminal.

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Berry Contracting names new CEO and president

Edward Martin has announced his retirement from Berry Contracting, Inc., as Keith Ackley is named new CEO and president. 

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North America’s top tower crane companies

The annual ACTTOWERCRANE50 top list continues to mature. Hannah Sundermeyer reports.