In July 2018, Bigge’s telescopic crawler crane count will increase by three. Bigge has purchased one LTR 1100 and two LTR 1220s from the Liebherr Group. It allows Bigge a larger share of the 245 US ton telecrawler market, and reflects the company's commitment to providing best in class equipment to all customers.


Bigge will add new Liebherr LTR 1100 and LTR 1220 models to its crane rental fleet.

The LTR 1100 has a lifting capacity of 110 tons (100 metric tons). These cranes have fast self-assembly with no assist crane needed and possess a retractable telescopic boom. Power is from a Liebherr diesel engine and part of theLiccon 2 system allows the crane to have “load sensing control” among other simultaneous operation features.

The LTR 1200 lifts 245 tons (220 metric tons) and has a self-assembly mechanism like the LTR 1100.

According to Bigge Vice President, Brian Noga, “We decided to bring more of the LTR Liebherr series into our rental fleet because of their speed and efficiency at job sites. Time is money, and speed of assembly saves our customers both. The ability to retract the boom, to pick and carry, and ease of transport allows for maximum up time and maneuverability in projects.”

You can watch the LTR1220 self-erect itself in this Liebherr video. Both the LTR 1100 and LTR 1220s are expected to be available for rent in July in Bigge’s California and Houston locations.