The crane, rigging, and specialized transportation industry relies on people with technical skills, but faces a shortage of qualified workers. In order to promote the career opportunities in this fast-paced, high-tech sector, Lift & Move USA connects students and educators with the people, equipment, and companies that work in crane, rigging, and specialized transportation operations.


Boulter Industrial Contractors, Inc., Webster, N.Y., hosted a Lift & Move USA event in 2019 and became a Friend of Lift & Move sponsor in 2020.

A new website, launched in May 2020, now showcases the careers, industries, and types of work related to this specialty field. Additional resources available on the site include information on where to get training, certifications that are needed, and scholarships.

Industry professionals can also find ideas for engaging with students, parents, and educators in your local area, best practices for planning in-person events, and an archive of relevant research and toolkits related to workforce development.

“Lift & Move USA supports workforce development efforts that are aligned with construction, equipment, manufacturing, and related fields,” said Tracy Bennett, Director. “We seek to join forces with other like-minded organizations in promoting the skilled trades and careers that serve crane, rigging, and specialized transportation operations,” she said.

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