Unveiled at bauma 2019 on Monday, the new Potain MDT 809 is the largest topless crane ever produced by the company.


The MDT 809 is ideal for large construction sites, but also offers an ability to be assembled on projects where space is constrained, according to Potain.

The new tower crane features an advanced design that provides reduced operating costs and easier assembly for owners, according to Thibaut Le Besnerais, Manitowoc’s global product director for tower cranes.

“The launch of the MDT 809 is one of the most significant Potain tower crane launches of recent times,” Besnerais said. “Over the past 10 years we’ve seen consistent growth in demand for topless cranes, with customers benefiting from their fast assembly and compact design, which makes it easier to get more cranes onto a jobsite to complete work quicker.”

The crane has a capacity of 40 tons and can accommodate up to 262 feet of jib. The MDT 809 transports in either 10 or 11 containers, depending on the winch option. The crane also has a new 26-foot cross base that offers the performance characteristics of a 33-foot chassis but requires only one container for transport,” Besnerais said.

Manitowoc claims the Potain MDT 809 typically assembles twice as fast as other 40-ton cranes. With its full jib, the crane can be assembled at a 164-foot working height in less than three days, the company said.

“It’s clear to us that there is strong demand for bigger topless cranes,” Besnerais continued. “But we wanted to be sure that any new model we launch not only satisfied demand for greater capacity, but also preserved the easy transport, fast assembly and industry-leading performance our other topless cranes deliver. The MDT 809 provides all that and more.”