American Cranes & Transport presents its 14th annual ACT100 Index of North America’s top crane-owning companies.


The American Cranes & Transport ACT100 Index of North America’s top crane-owning companies saw substantial growth over the past year. The top 100 companies added 182,796 tons of capacity for a total capacity of 2,618,656 tons. For the second year in a row, the ACT100 charted growth in almost every category we rank.

In 2018 the ACT100 index was 2,495,860 tons and it was 2,365,977 tons in 2017. This growth can be attributed to three factors: sustained economic growth in North America, mergers/acquisitions by the top 10 companies on the list and the addition of several new, higher capacity cranes by the larger-scale companies.

In 2018 our ACT100 reported 3,113 crawler cranes, as compared to this year’s 3,198, a net gain of 85 crawlers. Last year this category was down by 111 units over 2017, so there seems to have been an improvement in new crawler sales.

This year there were 16,347 mobile cranes on the ACT100 as compared to 15,944 last year, a net gain of 403 units. There were 15,579 units in 2017. Last year 365 new mobile cranes were added.

This year’s ACT100 has 106 companies on the list due to six ties in ACT index.

For the 14th time, Maxim Crane Works is Number 1 on the ACT100 with an ACT index of 698,535, up from 693,464 tons total capacity last year. Maxim is still in an acquisition mode, for both new cranes and companies. Maxim shows a total crane fleet of 3,229, which includes 2,715 mobile cranes and 505 crawlers. Last year the company reported 3,145 cranes – 2,650 mobile units and 495 crawlers.

The largest crane on the ACT100 is Mammoet’s 5,000-ton capacity PTC 200 DS. Other heavy lift cranes on the ACT100 are the 3,000-ton capacity Lampson LTL-3000, the 2,535-ton capacity Manitowoc 31000 owned by Maxim and the 2,500-ton TC-36000 Versa Crane owned by Deep South Crane & Rigging. In the top 10 largest capacity cranes, Liebherr had the most on the list with eight. The Liebherr LR 11000 appears to be the most popular heavy lift crane on the ACT100.