Mammoet recently worked alongside OJ Pipelines to conduct a pipe pull project for TransCanada Pipelines. Located in a remote area near Boundary Lake in Alberta, the 36 inch natural gas pipeline was installed 800 meters underneath the Doig River safely and on time, despite challenging site conditions. Through careful planning and close collaboration between subcontractors, the teams worked in snow and -37 degree weather to successfully deliver the project in just three days.

 Mammoet utilized a fleet of three LTM 1130s, two LTM 1090s and a 100-ton Link Belt to lift the pipeline into position. Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) was used to create the path under the river without disturbing the surrounding area. The pipeline was cradled in a specialized harness which could allow it to be pulled through with little resistance. With the pipeline in position, the drilling contractor utilized their boring machine to pull the pipeline under the river.