is a new web site that will offer crane users, buyers and owners pertinent information about cranes working in the United States.

Developed by Frank Bardonaro, president and COO of AmQuip Corp., the web site will feature the world's first database for tracking cranes and related components, cataloging make, model, inspection and repairs on cranes working in the US.

Bardonaro, who is chairman of the SC&RA's Tower Crane Safety Taskforce, said he developed the site to address the increasing need for a full service database of crane-related information.

The database is now being populated and the web site will be launched online in the next few weeks. Currently, those with an interest in the web site can register at

"Our industry has worked hard to come up with proactive strategies to assure the general public, contractors and those who use our cranes that the crane rental industry does its very best to keep accurate records related to crane inspections, up-to-date reports, and maintenance reports on our equipment," said Bardonaro.

"We already have this information. We have these records. It's a matter of making this data accessible." will provide crane rental companies, contractors, government organizations, OEM's and other organizations with a complete history of every crane listed on the site.

Modeled after the CarFax program for used car buyers, will allow registered users access to information about cranes they are interested in purchasing or renting.

Bardonaro personally provided the seed money to launch the web site, which will be managed by an outside firm. is not associated with AmQuip or the SC&RA, he said.

The goal is for to become a central clearinghouse for information regarding cranes working in the US, preventing unnecessary regulation being proposed by governmental entities around the nation.

"While several politicians have tried to implement new regulations on a local level, the industry is working feverishly on a daily basis to help develop standardized safety processes that are consistent throughout the country," Bardonaro said.

"If the site is successful in helping to develop these tracking and standardized reporting processes, then I feel we will have accomplished something that helps everyone associated with the industry and provide the public with a greater sense of security when cranes are working in and around their towns."

Using a serial number-based system, crane rental companies will be able to log in and post the inspection and maintenance history pertaining to a particular machine. Bardonaro said the web site will establish criteria to be used in order to determine a "reportable and major" repair that will allow tracking of critical components.

Last week the New York Department of Buildings announced a proposal to develop a database for tracking crane components for tower cranes used in New York City and other cities.

Bardonaro said the site has taken this initiative a step further and will provide data that allows for tracking of all types of cranes, not just tower cranes.

While Bardonaro embraces crane inspection and operator training as the best strategy for increasing crane safety, he said is a good first step in providing the industry a way to track major components of tower cranes and other cranes in the US and eventually around the world.

"We are trying to show people what we are doing and that we are not hiding anything," said Bardonaro. "Safety has always been the most important issue for the crane rental industry. As most people know, crane and rigging companies all over the world continuously strive for safety improvements with a zero incident and zero injury goal.

The database will be a voluntary effort, and Bardonaro said that initially not every crane rental company will participate. But ultimately, the site will enable crane owners to comply with state or city reporting requirements, and will become a valuable tool for all crane users, owners and buyers, Bardonaro said. will allow the user to instantly get a history of the crane being delivered to the jobsite to ensure that the crane has been properly maintained throughout its life.

If embraced and utilized to its fullest potential, Bardonaro said will solve the majority of requests for most local governments on a voluntary basis rather than requiring every city to develop its own unique set of standards.

Bardonaro said comments and suggestions are welcome and will be reviewed to help further develop "the most comprehensive and user friendly crane related tracking site in the world."


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