Self-propelled modular transport systems (SPMTs) are used to transport and set some of the world’s largest pieces of equipment and components. From bridges to power plant transformers to huge vessels, transporting and moving oversized cargoes with these innovative and heavy-duty machines has grown in popularity across North America. It’s a safe bet that many of the jaw-dropping transportation projects that you have read about in American Cranes & Transport included the heavy hauling and rigging action of SPMTs.

As the construction world continues to evolve and grow, this sophisticated, versatile and cost-effective transport system offers a wide range of transportation and rigging solutions across all heavy industry.


The PST/SL-E can also be electronically synchronized with other self-propelled heavy-duty modules for an optimum utilization of the vehicle fleet.


As a market leader in the field of heavy-duty modular trailers and hydrostatically powered modular transporters, Goldhofer has been committed for decades to the continuous further development of its internationally acclaimed modular systems, which are deployed for all kinds of transport operations under the most demanding conditions, the company said. The hydrostatic drive of self-propelled heavy-duty modules from Goldhofer guarantee smooth travel at infinitely variable speeds under even the most challenging conditions. In addition to hydrostatic drive, these vehicles are also fitted with electronic multi-way steering.

The PST/SL-E modules elevate precision to an art, according to the company. The electronic multi-way steering allows +/- 135° and is the key to millimeter accuracy when maneuvering heavy loads. With a tractive force of 160kN, these heavy-duty modules make light work of the gradients, too. The PST/SL-E can also be electronically synchronized with other self-propelled heavy-duty modules for an optimum utilization of the vehicle fleet. In addition to that, the high bending moment means they can be taken to their limits without compromising safety.

For over 30 years, customers in North America have placed their trust in Goldhofer‘s robust and reliable equipment, the company said.

Cometto 1

The self-propelled electronically steered modular vehicles (MSPE) from Cometto offer solutions for projects in the heaviest load range.


The self-propelled electronically steered modular vehicles (MSPE) from Cometto offer the all-in-one solution for projects in the heaviest load range. The MSPE series includes several product types with different properties, dimensions and payloads. They all offer seamless interoperability.

This unique system offers a choice between two product series and four categories, which are characterized by different capacities: MSPE 40T, MSPE 48T, MSPE EVO2 60T and MSPE EV03 70T.

“Cometto offers four MSPE series with capacities of up to 70 tons per axle line for the latest MSPE series, the Evo3 – the highest value on the market thanks to the high-quality steel frame, specific suspensions type and special tires,” Cometto said.

Due to its modularity, versatility and maneuvering accuracy in the tightest of spaces, as well as the extensive range of accessories, the Cometto MSPE offers the ideal transport solution for every challenge in the heavy categories in sectors such as heavy-duty transport, heavy industry, shipbuilding, oil and gas, power plants and offshore technology, the company said.

Each series is available in two widths (8 and 10 feet) and the modules may consist of 3, 4, 5 or 6 axle lines.

The power packs are available in various sizes, depending on the number of driven axles. Side-by-side coupling accessories enable the lateral grouping of several combinations. The product line is supplemented by a complete range of accessories including telescopic spacer, tilting device, control station with and without seat, load distributor, front and rear lighting, LED chassis lighting, media carriers for side-by-side combinations and adaptors for the lateral mounting of power packs.

“For optimum and long-lasting surface protection, Cometto utilizes a fully coordinated and carefully optimized surface treatment system,” said Cometto.

In addition, there is MAXProtect+, which is the best protection currently available in the industry, according to the company.

“Tubeless assembly allows the usage of the vehicle at full load and with important slopes without any limitation in distance,” Cometto said.

With more than 65 years experience in the industry, Cometto has provided products for the NASA Orbiter Space Shuttle as well as the Ariane projects.


The Enerpac SPMT600 provides a compact solution for transporting heavy loads. The SPMT’s slim height and compact frame make it easy to lift, maneuver and transport a load in a confined space. Each wheel has an individual drive motor, steering actuator and lifting cylinder.


Enerpac’s SPMT600 features a number of key functional and safety features. 

The entire system is controlled by an easy-to-use wireless controller. A modular design enables multiple trailer configurations, increasing the total capacity of the system. A single trailer can transport up to 67 tons and contains three axle lines. Equalized suspension automatically spreads the weight of a load across each of the connected trailers and wheels. Enerpac offers two models of SPMT.

The SPMT600-360 has a slew drive steering system capable of +-179 degrees steering and maximum configuration of six trailers in two rows.

The SPMT600-100 has a rack and pinion steering system capable of +-50 degrees steering and maximum configuration of four trailers in two rows.

“Our wireless Intelli-Drive Remote Controller is a standout feature of the SPMT600. With its simple-to-use interface, an operator can learn how to use the system in one day,” said Peter Crisci, product line director, Enerpac. “The controls can be use both wired and wireless (based on radio frequency) and automatically recognize when additional trailers are connected. One person can operate the transporter remotely, safely away from the load. This single point of control reduces risk of operator miscommunication.”

The weight of the load is distributed across each of the connected trailers and wheels, and the lift cylinders will absorb the unevenness of the ground and function to lift and level during travel. The hydraulic power units can operate up to three trailers maximum (two for the SPMT 600-100) and utilizes a diesel engine for reduced emissions.

The SPMT600 features a number of key functional and safety features including the highest rating Tier-4 diesel hydraulic power unit for reduced emissions, a low-profile, slim design, ideal for operation where space is limited, Intelli-Drive wireless control system, intuitive and easy to use and two trailers and a power pack can be shipped inside one 20-foot container, Crisci said.


The inventor of the original SPMT and a global market leader for vehicles with hydraulically-supported pendulum axles, Scheuerle, part of heavy load transport conglomerate TII, has developed a fully electric version of its Light Series self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT). It is designed to move payloads of up to 86 tons in near silence with the benefit of zero emissions.


Scheuerle’s SPMT SL features a widening system and can be combined to form any size of arrangement.

According to Scheuerle, this payload capability is an increase of almost a third compared to competing systems.

Approved for both indoor and outdoor use, the main feature of the SPMT Light series is the compact design of the vehicle modules. The platform dimensions of 20 feet by 8 feet with four pendulum axles guarantee optimum flexibility for smaller transport tasks. This machine is ideal for production halls.

“The SPMT Light also features the familiar advantages of the Scheuerle SPMT, such as the unique design of the bogie units and the electronic multi-directional steering complete with tested steering programs,” Scheuerle said. “This means that the vehicle can be steered and positioned extremely accurately. The 2-foot lift always ensures enough space for lifting and positioning loads also in a vertical direction.”

Customer benefits of the SPMT Light feature an emission free machine that is suitable for indoor use, high battery capacity, extremely precise steering and overall increased safety.

In addition to the SPMT Light, Scheuerle’s SPMT SL with widening system features a centrically-dividable variant of the modular, self-propelled SPMT transporter which can be combined to form any size of arrangement.

Since its launch in 1983, the SPMT SL from Scheuerle has completely changed the transport sector, according to the company.

“The Scheuerle SPMT SL can be widened to accommodate all load widths through its integrated telescopic or scissor adapter,” the company said. “The SPMT SL can be used with illumination and special escort on the roads, worldwide. This machine offers more flexibility, more safety due to higher tilting stability, the ability to build compounds as big as needed, which results in saving money. Another important thing to note is that often size and not weight is needed, and all load types are possible due to the machine’s modular design.


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