SHOW GUIDE: The Utility Expo

By D.Ann Shiffler21 September 2021

A host of products and services will be shown at The Utility Show, formerly ICUEE, in Louisville, KY.

The Utility Expo will bring the utility industry back together in September at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Covering more than 30 acres, The Utility Expo expects to draw 19,000 attendees. With Covid-19 case counts rising in many areas, expect to see safety precautions and exhibits that request that masks be worn.

Show planner Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) recently published an interview with Jon Styslinger, president of Utility Expo exhibitor Altec. He talked about the different challenges the industry has faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s this: The utility industry never shuts down, and it’s comprised of essential workers,” he said. “And whatever other challenges the industry faces – fires, hurricanes, freezing temperatures – employees in the industry keep going to work.”

Altec didn’t shut down either.

“[Altec] was challenged to come up with new and effective ways to engage with our customers. We launched products virtually, and we worked diligently to find ways to bring value to our customers while maintaining social distancing and adhering to Covid-19 guidelines and protocols. Ultimately, we did what we had to do to connect with our customers so they could keep their fleets up and running, and we did so in an innovative and safe manner.”

Styslinger is looking forward to connecting with customers again.

“Exhibitions and events are a fantastic way for us to show our appreciation and express our thanks to our customers who embraced being essential workers and continued to do their jobs throughout the pandemic,” he said. “It’s really incredible what the utility industry has dealt with over the course of the last 15 months. When you consider the wildfires that ravaged the West Coast, hurricanes, freezes in the south and even the increased prevalence of at-home work, which put tremendous pressure on telecommunications and cable television companies to increase internet speeds to meet demand, so much has happened that has challenged the industry.”

Several OEMs in the crane, rigging and specialized transport sector will exhibit at the Utility Expo. ACT’s Utility Expo Show Guide features our Select Exhibitors chart for easy show navigation. And please drop by the KHL/ACT booth (B1816) to say hello and where we will display our array of magazines and information services.

WHEN: September 28-30, 2021

WHERE: Kentucky Exposition Center, Louisville, KY

HOURS: Tuesday and Wednesday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

SPECIAL EVENT: Thursday: Bourbon, Beer & Bites Reception, 2 to 3:30 p.m., North Lobby




The new Altec AC40E-152S and AC45E-127S boom trucks will be a highlight at the Altec booth, one of the largest at the show. With 40-tons capacity, the AC40E-152S has a 152-foot telescopic boom. The AC45E-127S can lift up to 45-tons and has a 127-foot telescopic boom.

This next generation of boom trucks comes with all-new electric controls, updates to the operator interface, added operator creature comforts and improved dependability, according to Altec Crane Market Manager Zak Hilliard.

“Our team designed these updated E-Series controls to give crane operators a better experience and more confidence while in the seat, resulting in more efficient work and less discomfort after a long day on the job,” Hilliard said.

The E in E-series stands for electric over hydraulic CAN (controller area network)-based controls, and they are used on several of Altec products. The E-Series make starts, stops and glide swing smooth, Hilliard said.

With the launch of these new cranes, Altec has also integrated the Smart Zone system into the LMAP (Load Moment and Area Protection) system. The LMAP system allows for safe unit “short-jacking” by calculating the boom position and outrigger deployment, giving operators improved jobsite setup flexibility and safety.

Elliott Equipment

A highlight at the Elliott Equipment Company booth is a new crane cab. Designed for operator comfort, productivity and high visibility, the cab tilts up to 20 degrees for enhanced visibility of the load line and utilizes a wide coverage flat polycarbonate windshield for a low distortion, unobstructed view above and below the operator.

The cab incorporates Elliott DynaSmooth hydraulic controls for a precise feel; a Bluetooth-enabled diagnostic system that provides factory troubleshooting; a camera-ready control screen with a view of the winch, boom tip and rear of unit; and a WIKA Q Scale LMI with color touch screen that provides data of key lift parameters and visual setup for ease of operation.The new cab is available on 30-ton capacity cranes or greater.

The operator can control outriggers in the cab, and there’s a positioning screen for fine tuning. Climate control includes a heater/air conditioning with tri-position ducting. There’s also a kicker stereo, operator seat and control rests that give fore/aft and height adjustability and room for tools and lunch box storage behind operator.

“We have worked closely with our customers and distributors to deliver a state-of-the-art design,” said Product Manager Dave Cheleen. “The cab addresses their needs of an environment that is comfortable and easy to work in. They particularly like the visibility, control smoothness and the straightforward LMI and touchscreen operation. They also appreciate the uptime and lower operating costs afforded by the cab’s remote Bluetooth diagnostics and trouble-shooting capability.”


Making its North American debut is Grove’s GHC110, the only telescopic crawler at the show. Falling into the top end of the Manitowoc telescoping crawler crane range, the GHC110 has a capacity of 110 tons. The GHC110 joins the recently launched GHC140. Telecrawler are go-to cranes in the utility powerline sector.

“The GHC110’s compact design, excellent gradeability and high maneuverability are ideal for the challenging jobsites typical in the utility sector,” said Mark Hooper, vice president of sales for mobile hydraulic and crawler cranes at Manitowoc. “Telecrawlers provide clear benefits over traditional excavators and other types of mobile hydraulic cranes, particularly for utility infrastructure work, due to their stability and strong out of level load charts.”

The GHC110 is fully self-rigging so it can get to work quickly after being unloaded. Its undercarriage offers several advantages in terms of reducing the need for site prep. The 36-inch triple bar grouser shoes are standard with the option to choose flat tracks. The wide stance produces enhanced stability, with the hydraulically tracks offering a choice of three spans in symmetrical or asymmetrical positions without pinning the tracks.

Load King

Load King/Custom Truck One Source will show its new Stinger 40-127RS (Rider Seat) that was designed with a five-section, 127-foot boom and two-piece 55-foot jib for a maximum tip height of 192 feet. The boom retains the signature Stinger keel shape for added strength and natural self-centering, and now offers the choice of an internal or externally wired anti-two-block (ATB) cable. The crane has out and down outriggers with three position charts and a maximum span of 25.5 feet to the outside of the pads.

This crane has an enclosed operators cab with electric over hydraulic controls, outrigger controls, electronic rated capacity indicator with integrated work area definition and optional air conditioning. Aluminum decking saves weight and included are integrated ground level outrigger controls on each side and upgraded ladder access to the cab and deck. The front stabilizer comes equipped with an electronic keypad to operate the winch and raise and lower the stabilizer cylinder, making one-man setup easy.

The crane can be equipped with Load King’s new two-man yoke basket and radio remote controls. All new crane designs come standard with rotation-resistant rope and a swivel ball. The sister in this family is the Stinger 35-127RS. It comes with the same features as the 40-ton, but with no swinging counterweight, no pusher axle and a shorter wheelbase.

Load King will show a new crane that completes its suite of Crossovers. The new crane is rated at 50 tons at 10 feet. The “double keel” boom features five synchronized sections reaching 165 feet at the tip. The crane has removable counterweight, which can also be stowed on the deck, to help customers meet local and national permitting laws. The crane comes with a 48-foot two-piece (lattice and stinger) jib for a maximum tip height of 214 feet and offsets to 15 and 30 degrees. It has X-style outriggers and winch controls are at the front bumper to allow an operator to set up alone.

National Crane

The new National Crane NBT60XL boom truck will be on display for the first time since it was launched in 2020. The NBT60XL has a 151-foot main boom and offers easy transportability.

Manitowoc’s Michael Heinrich said, “This machine features the best combination of boom length and load chart capacity and its short wheelbase, just under 45 feet, makes for convenient and less-costly roading.”

The NBT60XL features 16,000 pounds of truck crane-style counterweights. This trayless design allows for the counterweight slabs to be stacked in any order quickly and efficiently. The NBT60XL also comes standard with a host of operator-centric features, such as the deluxe tilting cab (up to 20°) with heated seat and a Bluetooth/AM/FM radio and speakers.

Adding to the crane’s versatility, the NBT60XL features a hydraulically removable counterweight configurable from zero to 16,000 pounds, allowing it to take on much heavier picks. An offsettable 36-foot lattice or 26-45-foot telescopic jib extends jib-tip or platform heights up to 204-feet.

Also don’t miss the NBT45-2 boom truck, one of two models in the NBT40-2 Series. The crane is also offered in a 40-ton version. Both the 40 and 45-ton configurations offer 127-foot and 142-foot, five-section boom options with load charts boasting double digit percentage increases over predecessor models, with no change in gross vehicle weight (GVW). The NBT40-2 Series is also designed for work in utility sector.

The NBT60XL and NBT40-2 Series can be factory-fitted with the NTC Performance Package that includes four (100, 75, 50 and 0-percent span) position outriggers, wireless windspeed indicator, two-camera system and wireless outrigger controls.



DICA will showcase products from its outrigger and crane pad, ground protection, cribbing and blocking and rigging product lines.

“DICA products help contractors get ready to get to work and have long been a staple of equipment stocked on utility trucks,” said DICA CEO Kris Koberg.

Among DICA’s newest products are FiberTech Outrigger Pads, ProStack SlotLock Cribbing Blocks and LiftGuard Sling Protectors. DICA outrigger pads provide unbreakable strength, safe handling and easy setup for use with aerial lifts, digger derricks and mobile cranes. FiberTech Outrigger Pads are ideal when extra rigidity is needed and weight is a concern.

ProStack Cribbing Blocks are designed to provide height in situations where you need to crib up. Slot Lock Cribbing Blocks have a rated capacity of 100,000 pounds and are suitable for use with aerial devices, digger derricks, concrete pumpers and smaller cranes.

LiftGuard Sling Protectors prevent damage to slings caused by contact with abrasive edges, corners or protrusions from loads being lifted. They also keep the sling away from other significant contact points during lifting operations.

DICA products will be in use at many OEM equipment displays, including Terex, Altec, Dur-A-Lift, Elliott, Hiab, Manitowoc, QMC, Ring Power, Spiradrill and TIME/Versalift equipment.


American family owned Bigfoot Construction Equipment produces outrigger pads in custom composite and wood. Custom Composite Ultra Pads come in stock sizes from 12 to 60 inches and in thicknesses of 1 to 4 inches. The latest products include Big Grip, Slide Pads, Pole Puller plates, stop bar and boot-style pads.

Bigfoot’s custom Composite Ultra Pads are made in the U.S. and carry a lifetime guarantee.

Bigfoot will also show its wooden pads. Premium Baltic Birch Pads are made of durable hardwood that last up to 10 years with typical use. Premium Baltic Birch Pads are made in sizes ranging from 18 to 48 inches as well as custom sizes. Southern Yellow Pine ECONO Wood Pads are made in 18 or 24-inch sizes.

Bigfoot also makes custom composite cribbing and wood cribbing. Bigfoot makes custom sizes and can customize pads with logos, company information and other information, adding a marketing benefit.


Sauber Manufacturing develops crane pads and other hardware for OEM applications.

“Our approach is to provide a turnkey solution by incorporating the pad and attachment head into a single casting,” said Sauber’s Mike Blaser. “This method eliminates the necessity for the OEM to utilize production time fabricating steel pads or adapters to fit forged aluminum bases.”

For each application a pad is selected to meet load and floatation requirements. If there isn’t an implementation that works, Sauber will use solid modeling to design an Almag pad for a specific OEM application.

Sauber pads come with a three-year guarantee with date stamp, and the entire pad is non-rusting with stainless steel fasteners. Cast pads are the same every time, free of manufacturing variances. Part number, logo or other identification can be cast directly into the pad for high recognition and life-time identification.


Talbert Manufacturing

Talbert Manufacturing will show its new Tag-A-Long Austin Carry-All Series (AC Series) trailers. The line of 10- to 25-ton tag-a-long trailers features industry-leading loaded deck heights, durable construction and a low, 7-degree load angle to transport a variety of equipment.

The dual axle AC-10 offers a 10-ton, 20,000-pound capacity with an overall transport length of 29 feet, 6 inches. Deck length is 24 feet – 19 feet flat with a 5-foot beavertail – with 5-foot, 5-inch self-cleaning, spring-assisted rear ramps. Loaded deck height is 32.25 inches. The AC-20 offers a 20-ton, 40,000-pound capacity while maintaining the same deck dimension and loaded deck height.

The AC3-25 has a 29-foot deck – 24 feet flat with a 5-foot beavertail – and a 25-ton, 50,000-pound capacity with a 32.75-inch loaded deck height. Like all AC Series trailers, the AC3-25 features pierced I-beam cross member construction for a solid foundation, making it ideal for use in off-road or rugged terrain such as oil fields or construction and utility jobsites.

Trail King

Trail King will display the new TKT50LP Tilt Trailer, featuring a 12-degree load angle, 30-foot overall deck, dual air locks operated with a single switch, 25K single 2-speed and air operated approach plates; and A TKT16U Tilt Utility Trailer, featuring a 22-foot deck, two pair of d-rings on stationary and four pair on tilt deck, 8,000-pound electric brake axles and bolt-on lockable toolbox lid and fork holders.



WIKA Mobile Control (WMC) provides operator aids, control systems and sensors including load moment indicators, wireless / wired load, angle and anti-two block systems for lifting equipment.

WMC will present the cSCALE S9 compact controller as well as the gSENS LWG cable reel series that has been upgraded with the latest mechanical signal transmission and electronics technology. WIKA will display consoles, controls and sensors that can be used in any application from monitoring standard to custom control solutions.

Hydro Electronic Devices (HED)

Hydro Electronic Devices, (HED) designs and produces vehicle controls and monitoring solutions for mobile equipment. HED has launched a new 5-inch display that includes a flat, all-glass screen with minimal bezel. It is available with buttons or in a smaller package with no buttons and optional touchscreen. HED’s 5-inch display is made to withstand harsh environments including shock and vibration, extreme temperatures and an is IP67 rated. The latest PCAP touchscreen technology allows for operation in wet environments and with work gloves.

Compatible programming tools include Open Platform and Crank Storyboard, but is also Qt Widgets capable. OEMs can develop custom display screens to show all critical system parameters using gauges, bar graphs, text and other methods for easy user interpretation.

Also new from HED is the CANect Telematics Demonstration Kit with dual-purpose, stand-alone benchtop demo or as a prototype that can be connected and tested directly on OEM vehicles.


Autec will showcase the Dynamic+Pair, one of its newest hydraulic machinery control products. Dynamic+P features dual-band radio technology and multiple HMI interfaces.

Portable stations and base stations communicate with each other in “frequency hopping” mode, dynamically connecting within the 915 MHz or 2.4 GHz frequency ranges. The CRP base station for Dynamic+P (8-30 VDC) offers customizable cabling with a choice of M12 circular connectors, a 10-pin reduced plug or a cable gland. It provides up to 12 analog and 64 digital outputs (via CAN protocol), 2 STOP outputs, 2 UMFS outputs, 4 programmable MOSFET outputs and 2 CAN interfaces.

Autec will highlight the Air Series, including the LK Neo, a functionally optimized pushbutton portable station. Machine feedback is displayed with four LEDs or an optional 1.8-inch color display. Autec will also show its Compact, Link and Curve portable stations models.


Crane Industry Services

Crane Industry Services (CIS), will highlight solutions for skilled trades workers and leadership. Attendees can participate in a free assessment of their crew’s communication and feedback skills, emotional intelligence, processes and accountability.

“This assessment is a powerful first step in helping utility crews reduce risk and improve productivity,” said Peter Krammer of Okos Partners/TradeUp.

CIS uses cutting edge training and assessment tools to help public and investor-owned utilities, rural cooperatives and the utility contractors who serve them, achieve organizational excellence.

“Self-sustaining workforce development – not just mere compliance – is what sets CIS apart from other skilled trades training companies,” said CIS CEO Debbie Dickinson.

CIS will co-locate with CM Labs Simulations. CIS uses Vortex simulators as a part of its training programs. CIS is an accredited training and assessment sponsor for NCCER and is an authorized provider of certification testing for NCCER and NCCCO.

CM Labs

CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, will unveil a new training solution.

“Our collaboration with leading OEMs is what enables us to create engineering-grade simulations,” said Product Manager Julien Richer Lanciault. “With growing demand for operator training in the utilities sector, this show is the perfect opportunity for the industry to experience first-hand the training efficiencies that are a direct result.”

CM Labs will showcase its fleet of earthmoving and lifting equipment training packs on the portable desktop Vortex Edge Plus as well as the immersive, motion-enabled Vortex Advantage simulator.

Rigging gear

Yale Cordage

Yale Cordage’s Sierra 78 is a single braid rope made up of bio-based Dyneema SK78, an ISCC Certified Eco Sustainable fiber. Made with bio-based feedstock, this fiber maintains the unique properties of Dyneema while providing a more sustainable solution without compromising final product performance. Sierra 78 is suitable for use across several applications including mobile and tower cranes, rigging, heavy lift and utility.

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