ACT Guide to Conexpo

07 March 2008

Manitowoc's Model 14000 will make its North American tradeshow debut. The crane was officially launc

Manitowoc's Model 14000 will make its North American tradeshow debut. The crane was officially launched at Bauma 2007 in Munich, Germany, and has gone to work at jobsites worldwide

Actek Manufacturing and Engineering

Green Pavilion

Manufacturer of hoist rings and rigging equipment.

AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers)

Lobby L-3224

US industry association.

Allison Transmission

South 2 S-16750

Transmissions on show for heavy duty on- and off-road vehicles will be two products from its off-road series, the 3500 ORS and 4500 ORS, plus an M6610. Engineers will be available to assist with customer enquiries. The Off-Road Series (ORS) is designed to work in severe off road conditions. Time-and hour-based warranty cover is available for these products.

Altec Industries

Gold Lot G-270

The company will be showing several of its truck mounted hydraulic telescopic cranes, including its new AC 35127S and new outrigger technology.


South 1 S-11407

On show will be three types of ground protection mat, including the original 13 mm thick molded polyethylene AlturnaMat with diamond plate tread. Guaranteed for six years, the mats are used to prevent heavy vehicles from damaging lawns and soft terrain.

American Cranes & Transport Magazine

Silver 1-2 S-597

Stop by and meet the KHL Group USA team.

Anderson Trucking Service

Riviera Pavilion RP-34023

Specialized, heavy and general transport and trucking.


Lobby L-3527

The Spanish Manufacturers Association of Construction and Mining Equipment organizes the Spanish Pavilion where 13 manufacturers will exhibit their products. ANMOPyC has 95 member companies employing 11,000 people.


Central 1-2 C-4457

Manufactures a puncture-proofing system for pneumatic tires, microcellular tires, polyurethanes.


Hilton Center H-25015

Axles, brakes and other components for trucks, heavy duty vehicles and trailers.

ASA Hydraulik of America

South 2 S-15443

Heat exchangers and oil cooling systems.

Ascorel USA

South 1 S-12321

Crane safety systems, collision avoidance.

Associated General Contractors of America

South 1 S-9707

Contractors' association.

Association of Union Constructors (TAUC)

Green Pavilion GP-50310

National trade association of more than 2,500 union contractors, local union contractor trade associations, and industry suppliers. The focus is supporting contractors that perform steel erection, industrial maintenance and construction.

Autec Radio Remote Control

South 1 S-10711

Visitors to the Technology Pavilion will be able to see the newest version of the Modular handset MK 10-14, a ten-pushbutton MK transmitter and a compact receiver.

Characteristics include, first, more usage possibilities thanks to the 12-command receiver, which can be extended up to 20 commands. Second, a switching power supply that adjusts the voltage of the low power electronics, thereby assuring continuous and constant usage. It will also tolerate large input voltage fluctuations.

Power supply can be specified at 25/35/50/110 or 230 V and applications include tower, self erecting and bridge cranes.

The receiver housing is compact (180 x 230 x 96 mm) and is made of impact resistant polymer that keeps its shape over time. IP65 protection means that it is also suitable for high temperature applications.

All other Autec products will also be displayed, including handsets with four, six, eight, ten and 12 pushbuttons, proportional or digital controllers with single or dual axis and toggle or rotary switches.

Auto Crane Company

Central 1-2 C-4233

Straight boom telescopic cranes for service trucks.


South 1 S-8417

Hydraulic drop deck equipment trailers.

BLS Enterprises

Central 1-2 C-4739

Synthetic polymer track pads.

Boecker USA

Blue Lot B-974

Truck and trailer mounted hydraulic cranes.


See under Trasmital

Bosch Rexroth Corporation

South 2 S-13013

Hydraulic and pneumatic drives and controls.

Braden Carco Gearmatic – Paccar Winch Division

South 1 S-10951


Brevini USA

South 2 S-15327

Power transmission products, for example, planetary reduction gearboxes and track drives.

Bridgestone Firestone

North N-2301

Tires and rubber tracks.

Bridon American

Central 1-2 C-4027

Manufacturer of steel wire rope for construction, cranes, mining and offshore markets.

Brigade Electronics

South 2 S-17801

Broderson Manufacturing

Gold Lot G-127

Manufacturer of self propelled industrial yard cranes.

Bucher Hydraulics

South 2 S-15655

Hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications.

BVA Hydraulics

South 2 S-17431

Hydraulic jacks, cylinders and accessories.

Carlisle Industrial Brake

South 2 S-14405

Manufacturer of brakes and clutches.


Silver 1-2 S-649

Heavy duty hydraulic crawler cranes and machines for foundation work.

Caterpillar Industrial Power Systems

South 2 S-15927

Engines, power train, tracked undercarriages and hydraulic systems.

Cavotec USA

Central 3-5 C-7590

Cable management systems, slip rings and radio remote control systems.

Columbus McKinnon

South 1 S-11155

Industrial lifting and rigging equipment, chain and wire rope hoists.

Comer Industries

South 2 S-15715

Mechanical and hydraulic products for power transmission, engineering systems and mechanical solutions.

Command Controls

South 2 S-14327

Making its debut will be a new line of cartridge style valves to fit into the #10 size (7/8 inch-14 Thd.) cavity. The solenoid operated, cartridge type, fourway, three-position spool type valves achieve flows of up to 10.0 gallons/min (37.9 liters/min) at an operating pressure of 5,000 psi (350 bar).

Construction Equipment Association (CEA)

Central 1-2 C-4755

UK association for manufacturers.

Crane Dispatch Software – A Division of Senarc Systems

North N-1300

Fleet management software.

Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau

North N-2102

Services include crane operator training, accident investigation and risk analysis.

Cranesmart Systems

Gold Lot G-193

Wireless crane safety equipment.

Crosby Group

Central 1-2 C-4455

Industrial fittings and hardware used with wire rope, chain and synthetic slings.


South 2 S-16013

Diesel engines.

Dana Corporation

South 2 S-16313

Off highway vehicle drive systems.


South 2 S-13716

Surveys of top mobile machine manufacturers show that the number of sensors used per vehicle is growing quickly. Trends are “towards higher system and function integration (preferably by embedding sensor technology into the mechanical body of the machine) and the use of multiple sensors.”

See the new line of dual-output pressure transmitters measures oil pressure and temperature to protect machines against damage caused by overheating.

In telescopic load-handling applications, for example, truck-mounted cranes, machine stability must be ensured at all times. Interlocks are used to ensure legs are deployed before extension can take place. Simple cartridge pressure switches have been used but these can give field reliability problems in terms of the drift of the switch point, leakage and relatively high hysteresis. The accuracy and reliability of pressure transmitters offers a more robust solution – while an endurance limit of one millions cycles is a challenge for mechanical switches, it is no problem for an electronic solution. Further advantages are mechanical shock and overpressure capability.

DCL International

South 2 S-18118

Emissions control technology.

Deutz Corporation

South 2 S-16538


DHS Diecast Collectables

Riviera Pavilion RP-36016

Scale models of construction equipment available to buy. A highlight will be the model of the Mammoet PTC crane that stands more than 2 meters tall.

Dinamic Oil

South 2 S-14827

Hydraulic winches, pumps, motors and other components.

DNV Industry (Det Norske Veritas)

Green Pavilion GP-50934

Services for managing risk, including certification and inspection.


South 2 S-13553

Filtration systems and parts. A new hardware line on show is part of the Donaldson Triboguard brand of hydraulic filter elements. This five layer media is available in a range of grades down to 4.0μ(c).

Hardware product news includes medium and high pressure cartridge style housings with a range of mounting configurations.

Donaldson develops, manufactures, and markets a full line of industrial hydraulic filters to protect machinery and components in hundreds of applications.

Double Coin / CMA

South 1 S-12621


DPL America

Green Pavilion GP-50308

The Titan Equipment Monitoring System is a tool for equipment owners to “increase asset profitability and productivity while decreasing the costs and risk of equipment theft.” Titan allows equipment owners to remotely shut down their machines, wirelessly locate them any time via GPS, collect hour meter readings, and track hour-based service intervals. Utilization and productivity are tracked and real time notifications are also delivered to the equipment owner indicating unauthorized use.

Elliott Equipment Company

Gold Lot G-248

Celebrating 60 years of manufacturing in 2008, Elliott will be exhibiting machines from their HiReach and book truck product ranges.

The SkyWalk70 is a HiReach aerial platform that features a hydraulically self-leveling 16 foot long platform with 350 degrees of rotation electronic proportional four stick remote controls and a capacity of 900 pounds.

From the boom truck product line, Elliott offers a 26-ton boom truck that is mounted on a track vehicle and designed for extreme conditions. Elliott will also show the new H32 with a bigger chart and a better stability chart than the industry standard, according to the company.

Also Elliott will show its latest 40-ton boom truck.


South 2 S-17005

Heavy duty hydraulic lift and jacking systems and other hydraulic tools and integrated systems for construction.

Equipment Lock Company

Central 1-2 C-4645

Anti-theft products, safety and security equipment for machinery.

Eriez Magnetics

Central 3-5 C-7195

Load lifting magnets.

F&M Mafco

South 2 S-18027

Supplier of equipment for heavy industrial applications. F&M Mafco sells, rents, repairs and reconditions tools and equipment, including cranes, heavy rigging packages and tool trailers.

Feterl Manufacturing

Gold Lot G-339

Heavy duty service trucks for on- and off-road applications.

Fontaine Trailer Company

Blue Lot B-940

Look for the company's newest lowbed trailer, the Renegade LXL. “Construction equipment is getting larger to give operators the power they need to be more productive,” says John Craig, president of Fontaine Trailer. “As a result, a few inches in trailer deck height can mean the difference between clearing a bridge to get to the jobsite... or not.”

Typical lowbed deck height is around 20 inches with six inches of ground clearance. The Renegade LXL features a 14-inch deck height with five inches of ground clearance. In addition, the trailer features 100 KSI minimum yield steel main beam flanges with 50,000 pound webs, fifth wheel guide rollers on the gooseneck, aluminum fenders at the rear of the gooseneck, 28 bent D-Ring lash rings, flag holders, stainless steel bumper insert, stainless steel Renegade logo panels, seven LED marker lights per side, nine LED lights on the rear, rubber dock bumpers, and much more. Fontaine Trailer Company produces a complete line of aluminum, steel and composite trailers for the flatbed, dropdeck and lowbed markets.

Foton Lovol International Heavy Industry

Green Pavilion GP-50029

Truck mounted and crawler mounted cranes.

Fushun Excavator

Gold Lot

G-156 Crawler cranes.


South 2 S-13513

Hydraulic hoses, seals, drive belts and other rubber parts.

Gems Sensors & Controls

South 2 S-15127

Level, pressure and flow sensors, gauges, etc.

GKN Off-Highway

North N-2101

Wheels for cranes and trucks.

Gleason Reel

Green Pavilion GP-50828

See a new line of hose reels for the industrial and commercial construction industry among other products, including cable reels to run power tools from DC converters on utility and service trucks and cable and hose management products for boom trucks.

Goodyear Tire & Rubber

Central 3-5 C-6769



South Hall 1 S-8610

Intelligent assist devices for material handling.


The Gorilla Gripper is a hand tool that allows one person to carry heavy sheet materials, for example, plywood, tempered glass and granite, from the top. The gripper works by clamping to the top of the panel creating a carrying handle. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, has rubber gripping pads on both plates and is continually self-adjusting between 10 and 29 mm.

Gosan Crane Components

Central 1-2 C-4743

Mechanical components for lifting, transport and storage machinery. Main products are steel rope sheaves, hooks, blocks and couplings.

GPX International Tire

Riviera Lot RL-41025

Tires and wheels.


South 1 S-12229

Cab seating.


South 2 S-16305

Automated greasing and other lubrication systems.

Gunnebo Johnson

Gold Lot G-307

Crane blocks, sheaves, swivels, snatch blocks and custom engineered lifting tackle. New products on show include the following:

The tilt up block is a series of high strength, light weight snatch blocks available in 40 and 55 metric tons working load limit (WLL) for tilt up wall construction. They are available in sheave diameters from 16 to 24 inches (400 to 600 mm). The quick reeve crane block series has been improved and they have quick release pins and stand-up capability for easier rope and reeving changes. The range is from 10 to 200 tons and they have the locking J-Latch. The snatch block range has been redesigned for higher capacity. It has a stronger and more streamlined package.

Hagglunds Drives

Hilton Center H-29027

Hydraulic components and complete drive systems using radial piston motors.

Haldex Hydraulics

South 2 S-13638

Hydraulic pumps, motors and power systems for material handling, construction and other industries.

Hannay Reels

South 1 S-12311

Hose and cable reels for the construction industry.

Harrington Hoists

Central 1-2 C-4255

Chain and wire rope hoists.

Hatz Diesel of America

South 2 S-16405

Engine manufacturer.

Haulotte Group

Gold Lot G-236

Easy Crane range of self propelled telescopic site cranes.

Hawe Hydraulics

South 2 S-14249

On show will be hydraulic components for mobile applications. The modular components can be assembled into fully-integrated systems.


Gold Lot G-122

The producer of radio controls will offer new products for the wireless control of cranes and machinery. See the new technos and vector pro transmitters, which can be adapted for the control of construction cranes, industrial cranes or other machinery. The technos display is navigated by using the newly- developed switch radiomatic iCON (intelligent control). It can also be used for a number of customer-specific settings. In addition, radiomatic iCON enables the use of the so-called softkeys in the display. These softkeys control numerous software-based commands.

HBC-radiomatic's new transmitter vector pro will also be on hand for demonstration.

This transmitter offers maximum operating comfort when controlling various special machinery and small mobile hydraulic applications.


Central 1-2 C-4473

Hydraulic rotary actuators.


South 1 S-8421

Truck, tractor and trailer suspension.

Hetronic USA

Gold Lot G-338

Radio remote controls.


Riviera Lot RL-45013

Hydraulic truck mounted knuckle boom loader cranes.

Hilman Rollers

South 1 S-9106

Industrial skates and rollers for machinery moving and similar applications.

Hirschmann Automation and Control (PAT)

Gold Lot G-335

Hirschmann will introduce several new products with the main focus on its new Scalable Mobile Controller. The system was designed to control and monitor machine function as well as offering the option of load moment indication.

Also on display will be a new line of graphic operator consoles, which can be used with the Scalable Mobile Controller or with Hirschmann's load moment indicators (LMI).

Hirschmann will also display their line PAT, Krueger, and Hirschmann branded load moment indicators, indicating devices, and sensors for OEM and retrofit applications, including the iVISOR maestro LMI upgrade system.

Historical Construction Equipment Association

Lobby L-3506

Preservation and documentation of old construction machines.

Honeywell Sensing & Control

South 2 S-17026

Manufacturer of switches and sensors.

Ikusi – Angel Iglesias

Central 1-2 C-4369

Radio remote controls.

International Cranes and Specialized Transport

Silver 1-2 S-597

Meet the IC team. We look forward to seeing you.

International Transmissions Ltd. Div. of JCB

South 2 S-15913

Integrated drivelines, power trains and their component parts.

International Truck & Engine

South 1 S-8915

Truck manufacturer.

Iowa Mold Tooling (IMT)

North N-2141

IMT has fitted a hydraulic crane and air compressor into the new Dodge Ram 3500, 4500 and 5500 chassis, as well as the Sterling Bullet chassis. “Th ere's a high demand for these new chassis today, and IMT now offers a hydraulic crane and air compressor option,” said Tim Worman, product manager of commercial vehicles at IMT, which manufactures mechanics' trucks, lube trucks, telescopic cranes and articulating cranes.

“There's a high demand for these new chassis today, and IMT now offers a hydraulic crane and air compressor option,” said Tim Worman, product manager of commercial vehicles at IMT, which manufactures mechanics' trucks, lube trucks, telescopic cranes and articulating cranes.


Central 3-5 C-5522

Online equipment auctioneer.


South 2 S-18004

Radio remote controls.

J J Keller & Associates

Central 1-2 C-4462

Publications on safety and regulatory information.

J.R. Merritt Controls

South 2 S-14416

Electro-hydraulic joystick controllers and other operator controls. New is a single axis, Hall effect joystick derived from the PRO-4 potentiometric joystick.

Jaso Equipos De Obras Y Construcciones

Silver 1-2 S-553

Tower crane manufacturer.


Riviera Lot RL-41030

Mini cranes.

Kalyn Siebert

Silver Lot 4 S-19315

Trailers for specialized transport.

Kelly Tractor

Silver 1-2 S-639

Construction equipment dealer and Link-Belt crane distributor.

Kenworth Truck

South 1 S-9739

Truck manufacturer.

KHL Group

Silver 1-2 S-597

Publisher of International Cranes and Specialized Transport, American Cranes & Transport and eight other construction industry-related magazines, plus electronic publications, web sites, etc.

Kinshofer Liftall

Silver Lot 4 S-19101

Attachments for cranes and excavators, including grabs and grapples.

Knott Brake Company

South 2 S-17427

Design, development and supply of vehicle braking systems.

Kobelco Cranes North America

Gold Lot G-320

The SL6000 lattice boom crawler crane will make its US tradeshow debut. As standard it has an 84 meter maximum main boom, 108 meter maximum long boom and a luffer option of 60 meter main boom plus 72 meter luffing jib. The Super Heavy Lift configuration (which includes HL mast and an additional 250 metric tons of palette counterweight) – 84 meter maximum standard boom, 126 meter maximum long boom and a luffer option of 84 meter main boom plus 84 meters of luffing jib.

For transport the largest individual part is the 3 meter wide carbody and upper structure weighing 64 metric tons. That can be broken down into 41 and 23 metric ton sections. By removing the mast assembly with an ‘easy-attachment' system, it can be further reduced to 32 metric tons.

Each crawler track assembly weighs 40 metric tons and the boom and jib sections can be nested for transport. The winches are in the lower boom which reduces the transportation weight of the base machine.

Also on show will be the 100 US ton capacity CK1000-III and 250 US ton CK2500-II capacity models.


Korean Construction Equipment Association.


South 2 S-17227

Couplings for flywheel- and shaft-driven applications.

Lampson International

Blue Lot B-952

Specialist heavy lifting and transport contractor.


Silver 1-2 S-758

Trailers for specialized transport.

Leica Geosystems

South 2 S-16805

Measuring systems.

Lewis Equipment Company

Blue Lot B-950

Crane rental house and distributor. In addition to offering cranes for rental, Lewis distributes SunCrane tower cranes and Zoomlion wheeled mobile and crawler cranes in the US.


Gold Lot G-370

Some 27 Liebherr products from the full range of construction equipment will be on display. In the crane sector will be wheeled mobiles, crawlers and two towers.

The highlight will be the new 600 metric ton capacity LR 1600/2 lattice boom crawler crane. Primary characteristics of the new model, according to Liebherr, are outstanding load capacities, variable boom and derrick systems, and components with weights and sizes that have been optimized for economical transportation.

This new crane achieves its 600 metric ton maximum load capacity with a 48 meter main boom and derrick system at a 10 meter working radius. Maximum load moment is 8,085 ton-meters and the maximum boom and jib combination, or system, length is 180 meters.

Cost efficiency in wind turbine assembly operations was a vital criterion in the development of the LR 1600/2. The SL main boom can be erected up to a length of 102 meters without a derrick system. Developed from this system, a 108 meter SL system with a 12 meter fixed jib is available, which, again without a derrick or second crane, can be erected up to an under-hook height of 117 meters.

Load capacity in this configuration is more than 95 metric tons, making it suitable for mounting wind turbines in the 3 MW class on 100 meter towers. Using the derrick system, the same turbines can be mounted on 120 meter towers. The SL system also offers operators the advantage of being able to ‘nest' the boom sections (insert them inside one another) for transport, thereby reducing overall transport volume.

The new LR 1600/2 is powered by a six cylinder Liebherr diesel. Up to six winches are available and the two hoisting winches have 180 kN line pull with 28 mm diameter rope. The sixth winch with 25 millimeter diameter rope is optimized for the use of whip lines.

The other crawler crane on show will be the 100 metric ton capacity LTR 1100 with telescopic boom. The hybrid design “unites the advantages of a telescopic crane and those of conventional crawler cranes.” It has a 52 meter boom developed from an LTM series all terrain mobile crane. The LTR 1100 is powered by a 149 kW Liebherr four-cylinder diesel engine and the winches have an 88 kN line pull for fast work cycles.

Mobile cranes on show will be the 130 metric ton capacity LTM 1130-5.1 all terrain on five axles and the LTF 1045-4.1. It is a development of the upper works from the three axle LTM 1045-3.1 all terrain mounted on a Kenworth four axle commercial truck chassis-cab from the US.

On show from the tower crane ranges will be two large models, one in the 355 ton-meter class, the other in the 550 ton-meter class. New features on the 355 HC-L 16/32 Litronic luffing jib crane include the SPS control system, which, for example, allows horizontal movement of the load. As the jib is moved, the control system operates the lifting gear automatically so that hook height remains constant.

Other innovative details on the 355 HC-L are the bolted- on climbing console, and rapid re-reeving from a single to a double rope run. The climbing console can be detached for transport. This reduces the transport dimensions and weight of the slewing ring support to be suitable for container transport.

The large 550 EC-H 20 Litronic crane will be a 20 metric ton version but 12 and 40 metric ton versions are also available. The crane exhibited has free movement up to a hook height of 86.9 meters and an undercarriage with a track width of 10 meters.

The Litronic crane control is a system of electronic function modules. Installed as standard are the LMB load-torque limiter, the ABB working-range limiter and MDA machine data evaluation. The AKS anti-collision system and the electrical connection unit for the worldwide Teleservice link can be installed as optional extras.

Lift Systems

Blue Lot B-971

Telescopic hydraulic gantries.


Green Pavilion GP-50739

Slings and other below the hook lifting equipment and accessories.

Lifting Technologies

Gold Lot G-325

Crane suspended personnel baskets.


North N-1400

Centralized lubrication systems.

Linden Comansa America

Gold Lot G-380

Linden Comansa America will be displaying its line of 2100 series and 500 series modular flat top cranes, including the 21LC550 and 5LC5211.

Linden Comansa America tower cranes enable different capacity cranes to be erected using a standard system of modules. The company also offers a 1000 series and a luffing series, all designed to eliminate the traditional cat-head and pendant lines.

The Linden Comansa 2100 Series consists of five new flat-top models: 21LC170, 21LC210, 21LC290, 21LC400 and 21LC550, from 170 to 550 ton meters. All models of this series are available with 18 ton (39,682 pounds) maximum load in four-part line.

The Linden Comansa 500 Series consists of five new flat-top models: 5LC3510, 5LC4010, 5LC4510, 5LC5010, and the 5LC5211 from 50 to 100 ton meters. All models of this series are available with 5 metric ton (11,020 pounds) maximum load in four-part line.

Link Belt Construction Equipment

Gold Lot G-240

Link-Belt will exhibit seven of its newest lattice and telescopic boom cranes, several of which are not only brand-new but also the largest capacity cranes ever offered by Link-Belt. Link-Belt will also unveil online customer tools for its customer support program known as Link-Belt Preferred.

Among Link-Belt's newest telescopic cranes, see the 75 ton (70 metric ton) truck crane that the company says will build on the legacy of the HTC-8675 but with longer reach, improved lift capacities, and a refined over- the-road mobility. Also at the booth, see the company's latest 250 ton (220 metric tons) all terrain crane. In addition, a couple of brand-new tele- scopic boom cranes will be introduced.

In the lattice boom category, Link-Belt will show off an 80 ton (72.6 metric tons) crawler as well as a new 230 ton (208.6 metric tons) crawler. The company will also introduce its largest lattice crawler ever.

Load Systems International

Gold Lot G-196

LSI products include wireless crane scales, rated capacity, load angle and radius indicators, and cable reels.

Loadwise International (Hawkley Group)

British Pavilion C-4867

On show will be a new range of wireless indicators. Top of the range is the multi-line display LR1500. The indicators have features offering benefits. Wireless operation means no specialist installation and it is easily transferable between cranes. Installation is also easier than a hard-wired type. The LR1500 is aimed at after market or OEM applications.


South 1 S-10928

Tracking and anti-theft system for vehicles.


Silver 1-2 S-550

Lubrication for telescopic booms.


South 1 S-9928

Comealongs, ratchet lever hoists.

Maanshan FangYuan Slewing Ring Co

Central 3-5 C-7251b

Manufacturer of slew rings for tower, mobile and crawler cranes, plus other construction machines.

MAC Trailer Mfg

Hilton Center H-20022

Multi-axle flatbed and other trailers.

Mack Trucks

Silver 3 S-805

Truck manufacturer.

Maeda Seisakusho

Gold Lot G-277

The full range of mini cranes will be introduced to the Americas by distributor Maeda USA. Four of the mini crawler cranes will be on show for the first time.

Visitors will be able to see three MC series models: the 3.1 ton MC285C with a 28 foot boom and 30 inch travel width for indoor use; the MC305C; and the MC405C. The MC305C has a 3.3 ton capacity with a 41 foot boom and the MC405C offers a 54 foot boom, 4.2 ton capacity, and pick and carry capability. All are diesel or diesel/electric and remote control is standard.

Maintainer Corp. of Iowa

Silver 1-2 S-590

Service truck bodies and cranes


Silver 1-2 S-734

Foundation and piling support cranes.


Gold Lot G-330

The boom truck manufacturer from Georgetown, TX will show the 50110S, the newest machine in its range. Rated at 50 tons, this machine is equipped with a new 110 foot boom with a tip height of 117 feet, add the telescopic jib and the machine tip height increases to 164 feet. The machine is on the same platform as the 5096 introduced at the ICUEE trade show.

Also at the show will be the 30112S, also introduced at the ICUEE trade show. The S-style with its ride-around operator station allows the best visibility of the load as it is lifted and repositioned. The 112 foot boom yields a tip height of nearly 168 feet when fitted with the optional telescopic jib available. The machine on display will feature a fully enclosed operator cab, telescopic jib and ROCSolid Outriggers, all optional equipment for this new generation S-Style crane.

Also at the Manitex booth will be the 35124C, a 35 ton machine with a maximum tip height of 166 feet, and the 30102C, a 30 ton machine with a 102 foot boom reaching a maximum height of 157 feet when fitted with the optional 46 foot' telescopic jib.


Gold Lot G-353

All Manitowoc crane brands and support divisions will be represented. Of the 12 cranes on display, seven are new launches and others will be making their first public appearance in the US.

The 200 metric ton capacity Manitowoc Model 14000 crawler crane will be making its US show debut. Maximum boom and jib combination length is 111 meters.

New and on show in the Grove all terrain crane line will be the 170 metric ton capacity GMK5225 (known as GMK5170 outside the US). Maximum tip height is 328 feet (100 meters) with jib extensions. Axle spacings are designed for US market requirements and a Cummins engine is an option.

Making its US debut following its launch at the Bauma exhibition in Germany last year will be the 100 metric ton capacity GMK5115 (known as GMK5095 outside the US). Like the GMK5170, the 100 tonner is on five axles. Maximum tip height is 83 meters from the seven section boom and extensions.

Also new will be a pair of truck cranes, the 35 metric ton capacity Grove TM500E-2, on three axles, and the 100 metric ton capacity TMS9000E on four axles. The former replaces the TMS500E and has an 8.8 to 29 meter four- section boom, while a longer 9.8 to 31 meter four-section boom is optional. Maximum tip height for the TMS500E-2, with the optional 13.7 meters offsettable telescopic swingaway extension, is 47 meters. Maximum tip height for the TMS9000E is 72 meters.

On show for the first time in the US will be the 35 metric ton capacity Grove RT540E rough terrain. The 35 metric ton capacity crane has a 31 meter, four-section full-power main boom and the offsettable telescopic swingaway jib extends tip height to 46.9 meters.

New and on show from the industrial crane line will be the 9 ton capacity Grove YB4409-2 and there will also be a Shuttlelift 3339. The YB4409-2 has a 10 m boom and 15.5 meter maximum tip height.

New Potain tower cranes on show will be the distinctive new MDT 268 flat top and the Igo T 85 self-erecting model. The MDT 268 is the largest model in the redesigned MDT series. Available versions are the J10 with 10 metric ton capacity and the 12 metric ton J12. Maximum jib length is 65 meters where the J10 version picks 2.6 metric tons and the J12 version picks 2.5 metric tons.

Mantis Cranes

Blue Lot B-935

Heavy duty telescopic boom crawler cranes.


Silver Lot 4 S-19445

Transfer cases, drop boxes and steerable drive axles.

Mercedes-Benz USA

Riviera Lot RL-40038

Engines and drive train components.

Michelin North America

North N-2763

South 1 S-9755



South 2 S-13239



South 2 S-16127

See the new line of Miller Falcon self-retracting web lifelines (SRLs) with 6.1 and 4.9 meter working capacities. Miller claims the Falcon SRL is the lightest (under 1.4 kg), and most compact web retractable lifeline on the market.

MTU Detroit Diesel

South 2 S-16127

Heavy duty engines.

Multi-wing America

South 2 S-16100

Cooling fans.

Muncie Power Products

South 2 S-15341

Power take offs and hydraulic components.

Mustang Manufacturing

North N-2741

Telescopic handlers and attachments.

Muv-All Trailers

Hilton Center H-23014

Trailers for specialized transport.


Lobby L-3102

The National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators offers a crane operator certification programme.

NBB Controls

South 1 S-11247

Radio remote controls.


Safety Zone SZ-1300

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.


Central 3-5 C-5981



Blue Lot B-961

Boom slider pads and outrigger pads.

OEM Controls

South 2 S-13049

Manufacturer of electro hydraulic proportional and on/off. single and multi-axis controllers.

Oil Skimmers

South 2 S-17404

Equipment to separate oil and water for decontamination purposes.

Omnex Control Systems

Central 1-2 C-425

New is the CCDock contactless charging system for use with the T110C transmitter for radio remote control. Users can charge the transmitter without any mechanical electrical contacts.

The T110C transmitter is a hand-held remote control for truck mounted cranes, service cranes and others. As a battery-powered transmitter, the predecessor to the T110C was charged using a dash cradle with standard electrical pronged contacts.

While the dash cradle was generally fine, in some industries (such as concrete) the metal contacts of the transmitter would get blocked with concrete and grime that had to be cleaned off before charging.

Now magnetic induction is used to charge the batteries instead of a mechanical connection. An electromagnet inside the charger creates a magnetic field that acts on the electromagnet inside the transmitter to induce a current and charge the batteries.

OETIO (100 E, Local 793)

Green Pavilion GP-51142

Operating Engineers Training Institute of Ontario is a training facility in Canada for hoisting and heavy equipment operators.

Orlaco Crane Cam

Blue Lot B-957b

Load view crane camera and monitor systems enable crane operators to see the load and the path of the load at all times. These can be areas that would otherwise be blind spots.

Benefits include less risk of a catastrophic accident, the opportunity for a better safety record, controlled insurance costs, less lost time and down time due to accidents, reduced collateral damage, and a healthier work environment.

In addition, there are cost savings as the job can be performed quicker and, in some cases, without the use of an additional signaller, because the operator can see what is happening around the load.

Palfinger North America

Silver 1-2 S-610

The company has teamed up with North America's leading truck manufacturers to offer a knuckleboom crane for extreme applications. Palfinger will debut the PK 85002, PK 100002 and PK 150002 models. The PK 85002 is in the heavy-duty league featuring installed as standard the HPLS (High Power Lifting System), Paltronic 50, Power Link Plus and Dual Power System. The PK 100002 with fly-jib is equipped as standard with Paltronic 50, Radio Remote Control and Power Link Plus features.

Each of the new units is equipped with load sensing hydraulics for control and effciency. Also featured on the PK 100002 and PK 150002 (and offered as an option on the PK 85002) is the Integrated Stability Control system. The ISC system adjusts the crane's lifting capacity according to outrigger and stabilizer positions at time of set-up.

Parker Hannifin

Silver 3 S-802

Hydraulic components and systems.

Penny & Giles

South 2 S-15226

Joysticks, electronic sensors and controls.

Peterbilt Motors Company

South 1 S-11115

Truck manufacturer.


South 2 S-17819

On site hydraulic hose replacement service.

PM North America

Riviera Lot RL-43033

Hydraulic truck mounted knuckle boom loader cranes. On show will be one of PM's best sellers in North America – the 35LC USA, and a brand new crane, a model of the 85SP series, the 85027SP + J1204.20.

The 35LC USA has two separated hydraulic control valve blocks linked to two different pumps that allow the crane to move faster and so to be more productive than a crane with a single valve block. It is used to load and unload concrete pre cast blocks.

In addition it has a top seat control station to give the operator the best view.

The 85SP is the most powerful PM model. It has continuous slewing and the PM Power Tronic electronic management system. In 85027SP+J1204.20 form it reaches a maximum working height of 33 meter and 910 kg.

Q-Line Trucking

South 2 S-16454

Trucking and specialized transport services.

Quadrant Plastic Composites

Riviera Pavilion RP-33022

Polymer technology and thermoplastic composite parts.


South 1 S-10921

This provider of “business-to- business wireless enterprise applications and services” will launch its GlobalTracs Lite equipment management system. Qualcomm describes it as “a powerful asset management tool that provides actionable, operational and location information with management applications.”

Ramsey Winch Company

Riviera Pavilion RP-36017


Rayco-Wylie Systems

Blue Lot B-944 / B-950

A load moment indicator producer, on show will be the all new i3500, a derivative of the i3000. Frank Beardsley, technical director for Rayco-Wylie Systems, explains, “Easy to use, it provides all the crane indications you need and has advanced optional features such as data collection and remote transmission. The system is extremely flexible. Owners can add such options as data logging, hook height, rope speed, and range limiting. The i3500 is the newest complete crane information center.”

Raydan Manufacturing

South 1 S-9253

Air ride suspension, kingpin systems and chassis modification for heavy duty equipment.

RD Lift

Riviera Lot RL-44013

Tower cranes.


Green Pavilion GP-51329

Cable, wire rope and hose reels.

Rexnord Industries

Central 3-5 C-7243

Power transmission components.


South 2 S-18011

Mechanical couplings and torque limiters.

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers

North N-2041

Used equipment auctioneer.

Roadranger – Eaton Corporation & Dana Corporation

South 2 S-16339

Axles, transmissions and other components and systems.


Central 3-5 C-6282



Central 1-2 C-4454

Round link chain for lifting, pulling and conveying, tires chains, lifting and lashing points.


South 2 S-15051

Hydraulic components.

Sany Heavy Industry Co.

Silver 1-2 S-634

Crawler and truck mounted cranes.


South 2 S-13227

Manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, motors, etc. for mobile applications. The components, including pumps, motors, valves, joysticks and graphical display terminals, are engineered for electronic interfaces. The motor mount hydraulic integrated circuits (HICs) are designed to fit seven Sauer- Danfoss low speed, high torque motors.

Service Trucks International

Silver 1-2 S-654

Manufacturer of utility, service and lube bodies, plus cranes.

Shenyang Sanyo Building Machinery Co. Ltd.

Blue Lot B-988

The main products include SYS brand tower cranes, auto hoists and elevators. The tower cranes are designed and produced to by GB/T13752 and GB9462 China technical standards.


Gold Lot G-363

Industrial yard cranes. See entry under Manitowoc.


Silver 3 S-847

A solid state electronic safety system used for detecting the electrostatic field of any AC power line to warn crane and lift operators of impending contact with overhead power lines.

Silver State Wire Rope & Rigging

Green Pavilion GP-50444

Rigging related services.

Sistemas Forza

Blue Lot B-964

Hooks and forgings.


South 1 S-12829



Blue Lot B-901

Collision avoidance systems for cranes.

Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association

Lobby L-3214

SSAB Hardox

Central 1-2 C-4168

Swedish producer of high grade steel.

Stellar Industries

Gold Lot G-230

Mechanic cranes and service trucks.

Sterling Trucks

South 1 S-9215

Truck manufacturer.

Sun Source

South 2 S-13527

The Mobile Technology Division supplies complete open and closed loop hydraulic systems and integrated electronics for construction and utility equipment manufacturers.


Gold Lot G-328

This year there will be a bigger booth and more exhibits. In the list below of equipment on show, nine are models making their North American debut. These include the GS-300XL and GT-900XL truck cranes, the ATF50G-3 and ATF90G-4 all terrains, and the TM-35100 boom truck. Also on show will be another two each RTs, ATs and boom trucks.


Silver 1-2 S-663

Trailers for specialized transport.

Tele Radio

Riviera Pavilion RP-37032

Radio remote controls.


Gold Lot G-200

Five cranes will be on show at booth G200 outside in the Gold Lot. First will be a Terex Demag AC 100/4, the 100 metric ton capacity four axle all terrain telescopic crane from the ZweibrÜcken factory in Germany. This crane was first seen in the iron at the Bauma exhibition in Germany last April.

Other mobile cranes on show are US-built product. Largest is the 120 US ton capacity RT 1120 rough terrain. It was launched in 2007 and is now in production. Visitors will also be able to see the BT 4792 boom truck. Capacity is 47,000 pounds or 23.5 tons (21 metric tons).

Representing the crawler crane lines will be a US-built 230 US ton (200 metric ton) capacity HC 230 lattice boom model.

From Terex Comedil in Italy, there will be a CTT 231-10 flat top tower crane.

Tes Car

Silver Lot 4 S-19135

Heavy duty crawler mounted support cranes for piling.


Blue Lot B-951

Outrigger pads.


Green Pavilion GP-50844

Manual and powered hoists, traction hoists, fall protection equipment.

Trail Eze Trailers

Gold Lot G-278

Custom industrial trailers for specialized transport between 10 and 75 tonnes.

Trail King Industries

Gold Lot G-175

Trailers for specialized transport.

Trasmital division of Bonfiglioli Riduttori

South 2 S-15949

Hydraulic reduction gearboxes and associated components.


Central 1-2 C-4356

Friction products for brakes and clutches. Tribco offers brake, clutch and transmission plates with linings that, it claims, last up to five times longer than other linings – and is suitable for both wet and dry construction friction applications such as clutches, power transmissions, PTOs, torque converters, synchronizers and of-road brakes.

Tulsa Winch Group

Gold Lot G-314



South 2 S-16105


Vansco Electronics

South 2 S-16431

Mobile electronics.


Silver 1-2 S-614

Central 1-2 C-4033

German association for manufacturers of construction equipment.

Walvoil Fluid Power

South 2 S-13238

Hydraulic components.

Wellman Products Group

South 1 S-11029

Friction materials and powder metal parts.


South 1 S-10513

Software for service and equipment management.

WireCo WorldGroup

Central 1-2 C-4459

Wire rope from what was Wire Rope Corporation of America (WRCA) until the name was changed in October 2007.

Wirerope Works

Central 1-2 C-4913

Manufacturer of Bethlehem Wire Rope for lifting and other applications.

X-L Specialized Trailers

Gold Lot G-280

Open deck trailers, dollies, jeeps and boosters for specialized transport.

Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group

Silver 3 S-800

The world's largest manufacturer of mobile cranes by number of units.

Yokohama Tire

South 1 S-8729


ZF Industries

South 2 S-16039

Driveline and chassis technology for on- and of-road vehicles.

Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co.

South 1 S-8239

Mobile, crawler and tower cranes plus a wide range of construction equipment.

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