BAUMA SHOW GUIDE: The world stage

02 April 2019

Bauma 2019 will treat visitors to a global display of construction equipment, gear and services. More than 5,500 exhibitors will host displays over an area of more than 734,000 square yards. In 2016, Bauma’s attendance was 583,736 visitors. More than that are expected this year.

American Cranes & Transport’s coverage of Bauma has increased incrementally each year, and our 2019 Bauma show guide is our largest ever. Please note that this show guide is centric to North American attendees, with emphasis on cranes, rigging gear and transport systems that are available in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

If you attend the show, you are more than welcome to visit the KHL booth, in Hall B5, stand number 401, where you can meet the ACT and International Cranes and Specialized Transport team, have a drink and rest your feet.

To make it simple, we have organized this show guide alphabetical by company in four categories: cranes, specialized transport, specialized lifting and rigging and operator aids and safety. Also don’t miss our select “Must See” list with booth numbers on page 60.


The new 50-metric ton capacity Comansa 21LC1050 flat top tower features the award-winning Cube operator cabin.


COMANSA: Spanish tower manufacturer Comansa will share a stand with its German dealer, tower crane specialist BKL. BKL owns around 500 tower cranes and rents them around the world. Comansa will show its new 50 metric ton capacity 21LC1050 flat top tower crane that has been available since September 2018. It offers a maximum radius of 80 meters and typical applications are large industrial or infrastructure projects and construction projects with heavy precast or steel. The crane on show will join the BKL rental fleet.

Another feature is the high-speed hoist at up to 300 meters per minute and the drum capacity for 1,570 meters of rope for high-rise construction. It has a modular counter jib which allows six configurations to adapt the crane to specific jobs. Counter jib radius is 31 meters on the longest jib or 27 meters when using the 50-meter jib.

EFFER: New from Italian brand Effer, now owned by Hiab and part of Cargotec, will be a range of light cranes from Effer’s design team before the acquisition. At the other end of the capacity scale is the new model 2255. The new 8S base crane can be increased to 10 extensions thanks to two additional ones as part of the KJ system. It allows an articulation height of 35 meters. Maximum height of a model designated 8S+KJ2S+XL 65, which means 8+2 sections in the base boom, plus another 8 sections after that, is 58 meters.

FASSI: Two new medium range hydraulic crane models will be shown by Fassi. The 30 and 35 metric ton models will be used for building materials distribution. Both are XE-dynamic series models with continuous slewing. Versions are available with between two and eight extensions.

HIAB: Hiab is exhibiting its renewed light range loader cranes rated between 4 and 11 metric tons. Four options for remote and manual control systems are available. They have what Hiab claims as the market’s only two-year warranty, plus a five-year warranty for the steel structure.

JASO: While not displaying them in the iron, Spanish tower crane manufacturer Jaso will be promoting the two largest models in its tower crane line, the J1400 and J780. The 64-metric ton capacity J1400 can be equipped with a jib up to 80 meters. It has a tip load of 10.5 metric tons at 80 meters. The J780PA is a 700-metric ton class model. Jaso will introduce its new JL25 operator elevator together with a redesigned construction hoist type GE1537. It is the first product from the new construction hoist line.

Kobelco CKE3000G_4

Kobelco will show two G-2 series models, the CKE900G-2 and the CKE3000G-2.

JEKKO: Mini crane manufacturer Jekko is showing its flagship model, the fully electric SPX532 with rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. It is good for indoor operation, and there is also a diesel engine version. Another first from Jekko is a hybrid version of one of its existing models. The SPX1280HYB is an evolution of the SPX1275. It has a three-extension hydraulic jib. Capacity is up from 7,500 to 8,000 kilograms and there is a new hydraulic system. Another new evolution model on show will be the JF990, a development in conjunction with Fassi, of the JF545 and JF365. It uses a Fassi loader crane on a Jekko crawler carrier and is claimed as the world’s largest mini crane. The load moment rating is 100 metric ton-meters and it weighs a maximum of 23 metric tons, Jekko said. Jekko will show models MPK06 and MPK12 having a 600-kilogram and 1,200-kilogram load capacity respectively. Both machines are equipped with four wheels instead of three and special tires can be fitted for off-road operation. Finally, the SPK60 will also be present at Bauma: a tele-crawler crane with 6 ton of maximum capacity and 3 tons of pick & carry.

KOBELCO: A pair of G-2 series models will be the main attraction in the crane section of the Kobelco stand – the 90-metric ton capacity CKE900G-2 and the 300-metric ton CKE3000G-2. The CKE900G-2’s boom length spans from 12 to 61 meters. It can lift 11 metric tons on the fixed jib and the maximum combination is 58 + 18.3 meters. Power is from a 285 hp Hino diesel. The CKE3000G-2 offers a boom length from 23.8 to 90 meters. Its fixed jib offers a capacity of 26.6 metric tons and a maximum jib length of 30.48 meters. The maximum boom and jib combination is 78 + 30.48 meters, offering a total reach of 108.5 meters. The main and auxiliary winches are offered in non-free fall or optional free fall capabilities, and a rated single-line line pull of 61,640 pounds-feet. It has an operating weight of 327 metric tons, a minimum car body transport weight of 42.5 metric tons and a maximum of 160 metric tons of counterweight.

LIEBHERR: The company with the largest presence at Bauma, Liebherr, will reportedly show four new wheeled mobile cranes with a focus on high performance and economy. The new machines will be 8-axle and 5-axle all terrain cranes. A new, but previously launched all terrain crane making its public debut is the 5-axle 230-metric ton capacity LTM 1230-5.1. This crane has a 75-meter boom and replaces the LTM 1200-5.1. Also, it is the first to have an asymmetrical outrigger support base: 7.4 meters at the front and 8.1 meters at the rear. A combination of the trapezoidal and the variable support base, Liebherr is marketing this feature as the VarioBase Plus. Strong lifting capacities and low-cost global transport are the main features cited for Liebherr’s 800 metric ton capacity LR 1800-1.0. For the first time the boom system features lattice sections with three-system dimensions which can be telescoped into each other for transport.

Another feature of the LR 1800-1.0 is the derrick ballast with VarioTray. After raising the lattice boom with the large derrick ballast, part of that ballast is designed to be unbolted quickly and easily. Only a small proportion of the ballast is generally required for hoisting work with the boom fully or almost fully raised. It means tiresome stacking and unstacking of ballast slabs can be avoided. Another new Liebherr crawler to look at is the 300-metric ton capacity LR 1300 SX from the Nenzing factory in Austria. Developments include a range of assistance systems and a new cabin design. For added safety when raising and lowering the boom, especially with a jib mounted, there is the new Boom Up-and-Down Aid assistance device. When approaching the tipping point the system automatically stops operation before the operator can enter an unsafe zone. It allows the operator to leave the “danger zone” without having to use the safety bypass switch.


The Liebherr LTM 1230-5.1 mobile crane has a 75-meter telescopic boom.

Smaller again and another development from Liebherr is an improved version of the HS 8040HD, the smallest duty cycle lattice boom crawler crane model in the HS series. This 40-metric ton, also built in Austria, has a new cabin and new engine. Power is from a 230 kW Liebherr Tier 4 / Stage V diesel engine. It has two free-fall winches with 120 kN line pull each and the maximum main boom is 40 meters. Liebherr will launch a new EC-B series of flat top tower cranes. Eight models have been completed so far, covering a wide range of applications. Capacities are from 6 to 16 metric tons with a tip load range between 1.6 and 2.8 metric tons.

Three of the eight on show at Bauma will have synthetic fiber ropes and will be designated as such in the model nomenclature. The first eight cranes in the new EC-B series are the 125 EC-B 6, the 220 EC-B 10, the 220 EC-B 12, the 240 EC-B 10 Fibre, the 240 EC-B 12 Fibre, the 340 EC-B 12, the 340 EC-B 16 and the 370 EC-B 12 Fibre. New in Liebherr’s fast erecting crane series is the 8 metric ton capacity 125 K with a radius of 55 meters and a maximum hook height of 65.5 meters. It is the largest fast erecting crane on the market, the manufacturer said. Standard hook height is 29.5 meters and up to five lattice tower sections can be added to increase hook height to 41.5 meters. After that luffing the jib by up to 30 degrees will increase it to the maximum. Capacity at the end of the 55-meter jib is 1,300 kilograms thanks to its Load-Plus function. Radius options are from 35 to 55 meters.

LINK-BELT: The Lexington, KY-based crane OEM is showing the never-seen-before 120|RT, a 120-ton rough terrain crane. The 120|RT delivers outstanding reach with a six-section 38.3 to 164.1-foot (11.6 to 50 meters) pin-and-latch formed boom that is built at Kentucky factory, the company said. An available two-piece 35 to 58-foot on-board offsettable fly provides flexibility and reach. It manually offsets at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees.

120 RT Link Belt

The 120|RT delivers outstanding reach with a six-section 38.3 to 164.1-foot (11.6 to 50 meters) pin-and-latch formed boom, the company said.

The crane’s one-person fly erection technology minimizes work at height with ground controls for fly assist and boom hoist cylinders. Two 16-foot (4.9 meter) lattice insert extensions provide a maximum tip height of 261.7 feet (79.8 meters). Link-Belt’s Variable Confined Area Lifting Capacities (V-CALC) system features 81 different outrigger configurations with real time 360-degree charts. Once outriggers are set, the Link-Belt Pulse 2.0 system indicates the crane’s available capacity. The system previews the operator’s real time capacities given the crane’s current configuration at the next five radiuses for a set boom angle.

For the big telecrawler buyers, Link-Belt will show its newest 235-metric ton TCC-2500 telescopic crawler crane, with its strong chart, pick-and-carry and transport capabilities.

MAEDA: Down the capacity scale is Maeda’s latest addition, the CC423 crawler crane. With a capacity of 2.93 tons, the CC423 was developed for use in tight spaces. Features include a small tracked footprint and near zero tail swing. The main feature is its 1,465 kilogram pick and carry capacity. Other features include a new engine equivalent to an EPA Tier 4 standard, an open but covered superstructure-mounted operator’s cab and a gross weight of 4,400 kilograms.

MANITOWOC/GROVE/POTAIN: Grove’s latest all-terrain crane range will include the 300-metric-ton capacity Grove GMK6300L-1, successor to the GMK6300L, a new GMK4090 and a new 60-metric-ton capacity GMK3060L. This latter machine is an upgrade of the three-axle Grove GMK3060 which was launched at the same show in 2013. A primary change is the longer boom, now 48 instead of 43 meters. The extra is achieved by adding a 7th section. Manitowoc hails it as offering “the strongest taxi load charts in its class.”

Its chassis is almost as compact as a two-axle crane, according to Manitowoc, with an 8.68-meter carrier, it is as much as one meter shorter than competitors’. With a new engine the power output is higher while pollution is lower, the company claims. It has the Maxbase option of variable outrigger settings to increase capacity in certain working ranges.

Manitowoc will show several new Potain tower cranes, including units from the flat top and Hup self-erecting series. Other interesting new products from Potain will include a range of High-Performance Lifting (HPL) winches. Increased productivity for Potain tower cranes is a primary benefit as lifting speeds are up to twice that of the older 75 LVF winch, the manufacturer said. Control is improved with slower creep speeds than the 75 LVF.

The models in the new Potain winch range are: the 75 HPL 25, the 75 HPL 30, the 75 HPL 35 and the 75 HPL 40. Rope capacities range from 539 to 956 meters, and they can be used with a wide range of Potain cranes, including the latest flat tops and luffers. Compatible models include MDT 349 L16, MDT 389 L16, MR 295 H16, MR 225A, MDT 249 J12 and the MDT 269 J10.

ORMIG: Celebrating its 70th year, Ormig is known for its electric cranes that work in tight spaces indoors. The company will introduce a new Ormig product range that includes cranes that are more compact and lighter than previous models. The new series features the company’s safe design, assuring four points of the wheels contact to the ground, even when carrying a load. Ormig cranes rotate on themselves using a patented system that avoid the slidings and frictions to the ground, with maximum steering radius reduced.

Raimondi LRH174 hydraulic luffing crane (3)

Raimondi’s new LRH174 hydraulic luffing jib tower crane will be accompanied at the show by the Italy-based manufacturer’s latest flat top and conventional luffing jib models.

PALFINGER: A new telescopic boom crawler on show will be the PCC 57.002 from Palfinger. It is presented as a smaller, more maneuverable version of its first crawler crane model, launched in September 2018. In addition to dismantling for easier transport, the crane’s modules can be combined in different ways. If not on its crawler tracks, the crane can be mounted on a truck or just on stabilizers without any need for the crawler. It makes it suitable for rough ground, jobs on large construction sites or in confined industrial or indoor environments. Also, on show is the PK 135.002 TEC 7, a heavy-duty crane model.

PM GROUP,  a leading Italian manufacturer of hydraulic truck cranes (PM), aerial platforms (Oil & Steel) and industrial pick and carry and carry deck cranes (Valla), will showcase its products at two stands at Bauma 2019, one indoor and one outdoor.

Valla will show a range of mini cranes, including the new V70, with a capacity of 9 tons. PM will show the new series PM 50.5. The PM product range has more than 50 series with more than 350 possible configurations.

The milestone PM will celebrate at Bauma is its 60th anniversary. Founded in 1959, the company has a consolidated tradition of technology and innovation that has allowed it to build solid professional relationships and conquer ever more extensive market shares, in Italy and abroad, according to the company.

RAIMONDI: One of the three tower cranes on show from manufacturer Raimondi will be the new LRH174 hydraulic luffer. The 10-metric ton capacity model has a tip load of 2.23 metric tons on two falls of rope and in Ultra-lift mode. On a single fall, capacity is 5 metric tons and the tip load is 2.48 metric tons. Out of service radius is 10 meters. Hydraulically luffing the jib to 85 degrees takes 108 seconds.

SAEZ CRANES: Tower crane OEM Saez will be showing off its new SLH 205 hydraulic luffing-jib crane. These new hydraulic luffers, with their improved safety, quick luffing speed and their reduced out-of-service radius, are the future of the luffing-jib cranes, the company said.

Saez will also be displaying its new H45 hydraulic self-erecting crane, a new crane concept that will change the way self-erecting cranes have been conceived until now, the company said. This crane, when launched, will be the biggest hydraulic self-erecting crane in the market, lifting 1,200 Kg (2,645 pounds) at 45 meters radius (147 feet).

TADANO: New and existing all terrain crane models will be shown by Tadano. The new ATF 60G-3 will be joined by two more new units, on four and five axle carriers. Tadano said these will set new standards in their categories. On show from the upper end of the range of existing models will be the ATF 400G-6 which has improved capacity when using a jib. Also on show from Tadano will be a 40-metric-ton capacity HK 40 truck-mounted crane and a pair of rough terrains, the GR-1200XL and a GR-200EX. Visitors will also be able to see a GT-750EL truck crane on a carrier made for markets outside Europe.

Sticking with telescopic boom crawlers but moving down the capacity scale, Tadano Mantis will show its 80-metric-ton capacity GTC 800 telescopic crawler which was recently made available in Europe. It was the best-selling model in 2018. The U.S.-built machine is part of a five-model series ranging in capacity from 35 to 120 metric tons. The 50-metric-ton model to complete the line was introduced in September 2018.

Tadano Bauma Five-Axle Tadano Prototype

Tadano will be showing a prototype of a new five-axle all terrain crane.

TEREX: The Terex Demag focus is on making cranes easy and efficient to transport, set-up and handle. The company will launch 15 new cranes that have such features as asymmetric outrigger positioning and boom booster. Shown for the first time by Terex will be its 10-metric ton capacity CTT 202-10 flat top tower crane. Nine jib configurations are available from 25 to 65 meters. Maximum capacity is available out to a radius of 24.2 meters and 2.3 metric tons can be lifted at 65 meters, the end of the longest jib. Flexibility is afforded by being able to use 3.8, 4.5- or 6-meter bases and either H20, TS21 or TS16 masts, ranging from 1.6 to 2.1 meters square. Maximum hook height is 76.7 meters. An 8-metric-ton version of the crane, the CTT 202-8, will also be available.

WOLFFKRAN: Wolff is launching the 133 B, a hydraulic luffing jib tower crane in the 125-metric ton-meter class. It replaces the 100 B and joins the range below the 166 B. Its design with a hydraulic cylinder instead of a conventional luffing system of ropes allows a smaller out-of-service radius. Installation is quicker without luffing ropes to reeve. There are two versions: the 6-metric-ton capacity 133.6 B with 2.3 metric-ton tip load at the maximum 45-meter radius; and the 133.8 B, at 8 metric tons with a tip load capacity of 2.1 metric tons. The basic 25-meter jib can be extended in 5-meter increments.

Wolffkran will show the Wolff 6020 Clear flat top tower, a development of the 6015 Clear. At the end of its 60-meter jib, the 6-metric ton version can lift 2 instead of 1.5 metric tons while the 8-metric-ton version manages 1.8 instead of 1.5 metric tons. The 6-metric-ton version has a 28-kW hoist winch type Hw 628.1 FU with a maximum partial load speed of 108 m/min.

For the first time at a trade show visitors will be able to see the range-topping Wolff 1250 B. While it may not be a new model, this 60 metric ton capacity luffer is a spectacular sight. This 1,500-metric ton-meter class giant has a maximum jib length of 80 meters. The 132-kW hoisting winch offers a 190 meter/minute in single-fall mode.

Zoomlion ZRT850

Zoomlion’s ZRT850 was designed to work in oilfields.

ZOOMLION: Designed for oilfield work, the Zoomlion RTG ZRT850 rough terrain crane will make its global introduction at Bauma 2019. The RT was created to work in special operating environments and in oilfields around the world, featuring reliability and stability, sand-proof and fire-proof performance, heat-dissipation performance and cross-country capability, Zoomlion said. Tower crane company Wilbert, recently acquired by Zoomlion, will exhibit its flat-top tower crane, the WT260. Also on show will be the newly reconfigured Zoomlion flat-top tower crane T7020. Zoomlion said that after adaptive configuration optimization, the new T7020 has excellent lifting capability and operating performance, a maximum lifting weight of 10 to 12 tons and a maximum reach of 70 meters. Also new on the Zoomlion stand will be a new all-terrain crane jointly developed by CIFA and Zoomlion.


NEW NEW NEW SPMT Light 3 web (1)

Tii Group’s new SPMT Light.

FAYMONVILLE/COMETTO: Faymonville will show 13 products on its 1,435 square yard stand, its biggest ever. Making its debut will be the BladeMax. This trailer is for transporting the newest generation of wind turbine blades. Using the adapter, blades can be picked up, elevated to an angle of almost 90 degrees, swiveled and rotated by 360 degrees around their own axis. The unit is mounted on a self-propelled vehicle or between modular axle lines and it works without the use of counterweights. It has a maximum load moment rating of 650 metric ton-meters, Faymonville said. Also on show will be the DualMax trailer designed for the North American market. It can be widened in steps from 14 to 20 feet loaded out. Faymonville Group subsidiary Cometto will show its electronically steered modules, specifically the 6-axle MSPE 48, on which the Faymonville BladeMax windmill blade transporter is mounted.

GOLDHOFER: A new vehicle concept will be unveiled by Goldhofer on the first day of the show so stay tuned for more details. The specialized transport manufacturer is keeping its stand under wraps at this time, so the suspense is building. Another exhibit will be the four-axle TU 4 plant trailer for machines weighing up to 31.8 metric tons. It has new drawbar and improved ramp operation, the German manufacturer said.

TII GROUP: Wind turbine blades of 80 meters or even longer can be transported on a new third-generation system from Tii Group (Scheuerle, Nicolas, Kamag, Tiiger). It is in two parts; a free-turning two-axle jeep dolly and then a four-axle carrier module. Wind turbine blades are a very sensitive load and need careful handling. Blades can be self-loaded without needing a separate crane. The lifting procedure uses a quick coupling with root adapter and a root frame. Lifting height can be altered between -200 and +2,000 mm. Its maximum load moment rating is 610 metric ton-meters and it all runs on low maintenance air suspended BPW axles. For empty runs the two units can be coupled together to form a semitrailer combination.


ENERPAC: A new hydraulic gantry system, trolley and cube jack system will be a highlight of the Enerpac booth. A feature of the new SL100 and SL200 gantries is that they run on a narrow, 610 mm wide track. Capacity is 100 and 200 metric tons on the two stage lift cylinders. Maximum lifting height is 4.75 meters on the SL 100 and 6.7 meters on the SL200. Also new is the SCJ50 50T Cube Jack. It is an alternative to traditional climbing jack systems and operates like the company’s existing jack-up system for heavy loads but without electrical controls. Cube Jack is described as a safer alternative to jacking and packing with wooden cribbing. It has a smaller footprint and gives a more stable lift to a height of 2 meters and where space is restricted.

Gunnebo ukn_bg_final

Gunnebo’s UKN-20 has a WLL capacity of 20 metric tons, perfect for extra heavy lifting. 

GUNNEBO: Gunnebo Industries goal is to discuss innovative, smart and high-quality lifting and rigging solutions. The company will be showcasing a range of products and solutions, among them the latest member of the UKN-family, the UKN-20. The UKN-20 has a WLL capacity of 20 metric tons, making it perfect for extra heavy lifting. Gunnebo Industries produces blocks, sheaves, chain, components for chain- and wire rope slings, and shackles, which are produced in Sweden, Norway and U.S., are available for customers all around the world.

TEUFELBERGER: Teufelberger’s Evolution TK 27 is envisioned for the next generation of crawler cranes where the trend is to provide higher lifting capacities utilizing smaller, stronger and lighter weight reeving system components. Due to the Superfill compaction technology, this steel wire rope from Teufelberger-Redaelli features significantly higher breaking forces as well as a longer service life on account of the lower specific load. Also getting a lot of attention at Teufelberger will be its soLITE fiber rope, which features a patented fiber-rope-based steel wire rope construction. The result is a combination of the advantages of a high-performance steel wire rope with those of a high strength fiber rope. Lone Star Rigging will introduce MammothSplice for slings that utilize a new splicing technique for braided synthetic rope in conjunction with its exclusive synthetic rope partner Teufelberger Fiber Rope. The new sling will be produced using Teufelberger’s Endura 12 rope. The new splice differs from all existing fiber rope splicing techniques by optimizing material use. The technique weaves the strands in the eye rather than in the “throat” of the splice.


AMCS: In addition to its top of the range DCS 60 (Driving Control System) AMCS will show its new collision avoidance and zoning system, the DCS 61-S, (Driving Control System Safety). It manages tower cranes working together and features include three essential functions of anti-collision, zoning and data display and logging. AMCS will preview its own telematics system called IoT Lifting. A SIM card fitted to the DCS 61-S can be used to collect data on each crane at a web portal. This data includes records of when the crane is powered, in motion, left to weathervane and so on. Statistics can be produced from the data to indicate how much time is spent working, hoisting and how much load. The primary aim is to increase efficiency.

CM LABS SIMULATIONS: CM Labs, developer of Vortex training simulators, will be launching its Augmented Reality (AR) application, which makes it possible for instructors to bring a virtual mobile crane into the classroom, where trainees can interact with it, conduct walkarounds and learn the fundamentals of machine inspection, CM said.Two training simulators will be on display: The Vortex Advantage and the desktop Vortex Edge Plus. Both can run all CM Labs lifting and earthmoving training packs, including mobile crane, flat top tower crane, luffing tower crane, crawler crane, excavator, wheel loader, backhoe, dozer, motor grader and more.


Shown is a screen view of the new DCS 61-S collision avoidance system for tower cranes from AMCS Technologies.

HOISTCAM: Crane camera specialist HoistCam will show its most recent, the HC180, described as a rugged wireless camera system designed for environments where durability and reliability are essential. It has an armored dome to protect the camera. An alternative is the HoistCam HC140. Another is the HC190 with a pan, tilt and zoom capability, the movement of which can be controlled by the HoistCam Director control system.

ORLACO: Safety camera monitor system manufacturer Stoneridge-Orlaco will show a new 7-inch HLED monitor with a new design. Until now, the GMSL product line was focused on the CornerEye system designed to eliminate blind spots to the front and side of the truck cab from one camera. The image was sent to a 10-inch (254 millimeter) HLED monitor, but the new smaller monitor is better for rear view systems in mobile cranes and other mobile equipment on construction sites. The new screen has a full glass cover which makes it a lot stronger, easier to clean and watertight, the company said.

RAYCOWYLIE: Among its latest crane monitoring instrumentation products, RaycoWylie will demonstrate its new i4500 load monitoring system for knuckle booms and a new anti-collision system for tower cranes. RaycoWylie said it is following an all-in-one concept which displays more than just LMI information in one high definition color screen. It is as ideal for OEMs and for modernizing older cranes, the company said.

WIKA MOBILE CONTROL/TECSIS: These companies bring together three technologies to make lifting loads safer. A key aim of Wika is to offer dependable communication between machines and their operators, especially in harsh environments. To this end the company develops robust sensors, mobile controllers and application software. Examples include the gSENS LWG cable reel with CANopen safety signal transmission and the vSCALE D6 console with a 12 inch (300 millimeter) high-resolution color display.

Select ‘Go to’ Bauma stands

ABB Automation C2.348

Allison Transmission Europe A3.320

Autec FM.807/9

Bigge Crane & Rigging C4.527

Bridon American C2.225

Casar/Wireco World Group C4.115

Comansa FS.1103/1

Crosby Europe C4.332

Cummins A4.325

Dana A3.326

Danfoss A2.103

Deutz FN.1215/1

Effer FN.926/1

Enerpac FS.1105/1

Fassi FN.926/2

Faymonville/Cometto FN.829

Goldhofer FN.823

Gunnebo C4.337

HBC-Radiomatic FM.708/5

Hetronic FS.1204/2

Hoist Cam by Netarus C4.527

Jaso Group FS.1003/8

Jekko FS.903/6

JMG Cranes FS.1103/7

Kamag FN.828

KHL Group B5.401

Kobelco FN.1016

Kroll Cranes FS.1002/8

Liebherr FM.809

Link-Belt Cranes FM.812

Maeda FS.1003/1

Mammoet C5.201

Manitex International B4.339

(PM Group, Manitex, Valla)

Company Name Booth #

Manitowoc Cranes FS.1202

Meritor C4.639

MTU A4.337

Nicolas FN.828

Off Highway Research B5.426J

Oil & Steel FS.1306/2

Orlaco A2.109

Ormig FS.1006/7

Paccar Winch A3.413

Palfinger FN.826/9

PM Group/Valla/Manitex InternationalB4.339

Raimondi Cranes FS.1102/2

RaycoWylie B5.426B

Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers C4.139

Rope Block FM.814/3

RUD Ketten B2.246

Saez Cranes FS.1104/1

Samson Wire Rope B2.143

Sany FN.620/9

Scania B4.312

Scanreco A2.143

Scheuerle FN.828

Tadano FS.1205

Tadano Mantis FS.1305/1

Terex Cranes FM.711

Teufelberger/Lone Star Rigging C4.149

TII (Scheuerle, Kamag, Nicolas, Tiiger) FN.828

Trimble Lifting Systems 23A.3

Unic Cranes FS.1102/5

Valla Cranes B4.339

Verope USA FS.901/5

WIKA A2.331

Wolffkran FS.902/7

Zoomlion FS.905/2


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