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25 March 2008

The 120 metric ton (132 ton) capacity Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 will make its European debut

The 120 metric ton (132 ton) capacity Hitachi Sumitomo SCX1200-2 will make its European debut

The Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany, is the biggest event in the construction industry's three year calendar. This year the April show will have close to 3,000 exhibitors from around the world occupying 530,000 m2 (5.7 million square feet). More than 400,000 visitors are expected and more than a quarter will be from outside Germany. At the last show in 2004 visitors attended from 171 countries.

Highlights will include: the world's biggest telescopic mobile crane, the 1,200 metric ton (1,323 ton) capacity Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1; the spectacular Grove GTK1100 telescopic tower type lifting machine; the range-topping 360 metric ton (400 ton) capacity Tadano Faun ATF 360G-6 telescopic wheeled mobile crane; and Liebherr's 1,350 metric ton (1,500 ton) capacity lattice boom crawler crane.

The Machines

Making its European debut from Hitachi Sumitomo is the 120 metric ton (132 ton) capacity SCX1200-2 lattice boom crawler crane. It is the first Hitachi Sumitomo crane only for the European market.

New from Kobelco will be the 550 metric ton (600 ton) capacity SL6000 lattice boom crawler crane. Its maximum boom and jib combination is 170 meters (558 feet). The design is modular for easy transport, assembly and dismantling.

Of the 75 Liebherr exhibits, around a third will be cranes (12 mobile, five crawler and nine tower cranes). In pride of place will be the new LTM 11200-9.1. It is the first 1,200 metric ton capacity mobile crane with a record 100 meter (328 foot) telescopic boom. The nine axle giant is the most powerful telescopic crane in the world. Maximum boom and jib combination is 170 meters (558 feet).

Another mobile making its debut will be the 50 metric ton (55 ton) LTM 1050-3.1. At 38 meters (125 feet) the telescopic boom is 4 meters (13 feet) longer than the previous model and load capacities are an average of 12% greater.

Dominating the Liebherr stand, if not the entire show, will be the 1,350 metric ton capacity LR 11350 crawler crane. Maximum boom and jib combination length is 228 meters (750 feet). The new 300 metric ton (330 ton) capacity LR 1300 lattice boom crawler crane has a maximum boom and jib combination length of 172 meters (564 feet). From the Liebherr duty cycle range visitors will be able to see a new heavy duty version of the HS 895 HD Litronic. It has a 670 kW (912 hp) 12 cylinder diesel engine and the dragline winch has a 45 metric ton (50 ton) pulling force.

The new Liebherr 22 HM fast-erecting crane is a larger version of the 13 HM from 2002. Maximum load capacity is 2,000 kg (2.2 tons), maximum hook height is 33.4 meters (110 feet) and maximum radius is 27 meters (89 feet) where capacity is 700 kg (1,500 pounds).

New for dismantling tall tower cranes is the Liebherr 200 DR 5-10 derrick crane. Maximum load moment is 200 tonne-meters (220 tons) and maximum radius is 25 meters (82 feet).

On show from Link-Belt will be the HTT8690 hydraulic telescopic four axle truck crane. The 90 US ton crane has a five section 140 foot boom mounted on an 8 foot 6 inch wide carrier. Power is from a 445 hp six cylinder Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine driving through a ZF AS-tronic gearbox with 12 forward and two reverse speeds. Suspension is Raydan Air Link walking beam and the aluminium wheels have 445/65 R22.5 tires. For maximum maneuverability all axles are steered.

Dominating the Manitowoc Crane Group display will be the Grove GTK1100, aimed at wind turbine erection, or working on industrial or downtown sites. Benefits of the unconventional design are when lifting at height or where set-up space is restricted, MCG says. Transport is on a maximum of five trailers. The GTK1100 has a multi-axle wheeled carrier and a lufi ng telescopic boom, connected by an 81 meter (266 foot), six-section telescopic mast. Four spreaders at the top of the mast attach to outriggers at the base for stability. Provisional data shows a capacity of more than 70 metric tons (77 tons) to a height of more than 120 meters (400 feet) and a maximum lift height of over 140 meters (460 feet).

Also prominent on the MCG display will be the Manitowoc Model 14000 lattice crawler crane. It was announced late last year and will be in iron for the first time at Bauma. The fully hydraulic 220 tonner offers a maximum boom of 86 meters (282 feet) and a lufi ng jib up to 113.8 meters (373 feet). As a replacement for the Model 4100W, “The Model 14000 has excellent potential both globally and in Europe.” Several dozen orders are on the books and deliveries will begin mid-2007, MCG says.

From Grove visitors will get first sight of the 100 metric ton (110 ton) capacity GMK5095 all terrain with 60 meter (200 foot) boom in seven sections. Maximum tip height is 83 meters (272 feet). It can operate as a “Taxi” crane for mobility or a “Maxi” crane for maximum capacity.

Also making its first public appearance will be the long boom version of the GMK4100 on four axles. Like the GMK5095. the GMK4100-L has a 60 meter (200 foot) seven-section main boom and 83 meter (272 feet) maximum tip height.

From Grove's range of rough terrain cranes is the new 35 metric ton (39 ton) capacity RT540CE. The Italian built machine has a 31 meter (102 foot) four-section boom and an offsettable telescopic swing-away jib extends tip height to 47 meters (154 feet). The RT540E is a 40 US ton capacity version available from MCG in Shady Grove.

The Potain MDT 218 is the fourth and largest addition to the flat top MDT range of top slewing tower cranes. Available in 8 and 10 metric ton versions, there are also two mast options, ofiering under hook heights of 55.7 meters (183 feet) on a 1.6 meter (5 foot) mast or 65.2 meters (214 feet) on a 2 meter (6 foot 6 inch) mast. Maximum jib is 65 meters (213 feet) and at 21 meters (69 feet) radius capacity is 11 tons.

The other new fiat top is the MCT 88, the first of its type in the MC range of city cranes, a series designed to be small, quick to erect, quick to transport, and take up little ground

New bottom slewing, self erecting tower cranes are the Potain Igo T 70 and Igo MC 13.

The former is the first of a new range that uses a telescopic tower. Maximum capacity is 4.4 tons and it is 1.4 tons at the maximum 40 meter (131 foot) radius. For the MC 13 erection time is less than 30 minutes, the manufacturer claims, maximum capacity is 2 tons and 1,322 pounds can be lifted at the maximum 22 meter (72 foot) radius.

Tadano's new flagship is the 360 metric ton (400 ton) capacity ATF 360G-6 telescopic wheeled mobile crane on six axles. It has a 60 meter (200 foot) main boom and new jib design. Down the capacity range will be the new ATF 90G-4, a 90 metric ton (100 ton) capacity all terrain on four axles. An 18 meter (60 foot) bi-fold jib is an option for the 51.2 meter (168 foot) boom. The new 50 metric ton (55 ton) capacity ATF 50G-3 has a 40 meter (131 foot) main boom, 6 meters (20 feet) longer than the model it replaces. Smallest of the new all terrains is the ATF 40G-2, a 44 tonner on two axles. Maximum hook height with the 9 meter (30 foot) extension on the 35.2 meter (115 foot) main boom is 46 meters (151 feet).

Two other new Tadano Faun cranes will be on show. New in the rough terrain range is the 55 metric ton (61 ton) capacity GR-550EX, which fits between the 30 metric ton (33 ton) GR-300EX and the 70 metric ton (77 ton) GR-700EXL. Main boom is 42 meters (138 feet) and the 17 meter (56 foot) bi-fold extension is standard. The truck mounted HK 40 has a 35.2 meter (115 foot) main boom and optional is an ofisettable 9 meter (30 foot) extension. It can be mounted on a three or four axle truck. Also new is the KranXpert job planner software program.

Other cranes on show will be the 220 metric ton (243 ton) capacity ATF 220G-5, 160 metric ton (176 ton) capacity ATF 160G-5, 110 metric ton (121 ton) capacity ATF 110G-5 and the 65 metric ton (72 ton) capacity ATF 65G-4 all terrains.

Of the 13 Terex cranes on show, one in iron for the first time will be the 100 metric ton (110 ton) capacity Demag AC 100/4. The manufacturer claims it is the strongest 100 tonner on four axles, when configured with its maximum counterweight. Width is 2.55 meters (8 foot 4 inches), even on large tires.

Also in iron for the first time will be the Terex PPM model TC 40 L truck crane. MAN components of the three axle carrier include the 240 kW (322 hp) engine for a maximum speed of 90 km/h (56 mph). A maximum tip height of 47 meters (154 feet) can be reached with the 37.5 meter (123 foot) main boom and a jib.

New from Terex Bendini in Italy will be the 60 metric ton (66 ton) capacity RC 60 rough terrain. It has a telescopic 40 meter (131 feet) boom in five sections. Power is from a 164 kW (220 hp) Cummins engine and there is a Dana transmission with six forward and six reverse gears. Another rough terrain on show will be the US-built RT 775 with 75 tons (68 metric tons) capacity.


The WT 205L e.tronic is a new lufi ng jib tower crane from Germany-based Wilbert with jib length from 25 to 60 meters (82.02 to 196.8 feet), 12 tonne (13 ton) maximum load capacity and 2 tonnes (2.2 tons) capacity at 60 meters (197 feet). A primary feature is that transport costs are reduced by 40% compared with competing models, according to the manufacturer. Jib length is adjustable in 2.5 meter (8.2 foot) increments. Also new and on show will be the WT 150 e.tronic fiat top saddle jib tower.

Standard mechanism components are used from international suppliers on all Wilbert tower cranes to help ensure spare parts availability. Wilbert will also launch a new tower mast system, a monoblock design and with fiat panels.

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