Defining Ice

25 March 2008

In Case of Emergency (ICE) is a concept of programming a cell phone developed by Bob Brotchie, a paramedic in England. The program involves putting the acronym ICE in front of your designated emergency contact into your cell phone.

There are more than a 190 million cell phone users in the United States. The ICE system provides emergency contact information to first responders and doctors in an emergency. Many of the public safety agencies in the US are training call in case of emergency.

You may want to list names (example: ICE1 BOB, ICE2 MOM, ICE3 DAD). Be aware that if your phone has two phone numbers programmed the same, it may not know which one to display. You can solve this problem by simply typing after the number an asterisk (*) under your ICE contact listing. It will work and cure the caller-ID problem.

If you take medication or need special care, a medical ID bracelet is recommended, in addition to a medical card in your wallet or purse that could provide emergency contact information, a list of allergies, or current medication and special assistance.

Remember, emergency workers often waste valuable time trying to determine a person's contact information and medical requirements.

To buy a software program for your cell phone that provides your name, address, emergency contact information, list of physicians, insurance provider, ID number, birth date, your driver's license number, known allergies, medications, dosage, and special assistance contact

This type of service is good if you are in a location where there is no phone service or limited access.

The software program is $9.95 and charges a yearly fee of $4.95. Ice First coordinates the installation with your cell phone company, and it is installed from an automated system and then you follow the instructions on your phone. You can access the Web site to update the information. Most cell phone companies are participating with no charge to their customers.

This concept applies to everyone - children, employees, friends and family members. Before making a decision to use ICE, you should consider that this may affect your privacy and the access others may have to your information.

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