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By Lindsey Anderson17 September 2009

The biennial International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) is an important show for several different types of manufacturers in the lift and specialized transport sector. This year's show boasts 1.18 million square feet of indoor and outdoor exhibits. The Association of Equipment Manufacturers, show owner and producer, said that even though the economic picture has worsened since the last ICUEE, companies still see the importance of exhibiting and attending the show.

"We know this is a very difficult economic environment, and we have increased the education and added co-located industry events to make this the most comprehensive ICUEE ever, so show participants get the maximum return on their trade show
investment," said ICUEE show director Melissa Magestro.

Among the highlights of ICUEE 2009:

- New safety demonstrations will complement the classroom education sessions: Live Line Demo, Pole Top/Fall Protection Demo, and Confined Space Demo.

- The U.S. Department of Energy's Smart Grid Task Force Director will be the lead speaker during a special session on emerging smart-grid technology.

- A record number of exhibitors have signed on to the show's New Product & Technology program, which highlights exhibitors' new-to-market innovations. The show focuses on the electric, phone and cable, sewer and water, gas, general construction, landscaping and public works sectors.

This year, ACT presents our most comprehensive ICUEE preview ever. We're excited to see some brand new equipment from most boom truck manufacturers as well as new telescopic crawler cranes from Link-Belt and Tadano Mantis. And don't forget to stop by KHL's booth, # 2461, for our latest magazines and subscription information.

Telescopic crawler cranes are proven workhorses for powerline work. Link-Belt and Tadano Mantis are both displaying machines at ICUEE this year. Link-Belt will show its new TCC-750 75 ton (70 metric ton) telescopic crawler crane. Designed and built from the ground up at Link-Belt's Lexington, Kentucky headquarters, the TCC-750 comes with the same features and hydraulics as Link-Belt's lineup of telescopic cranes.

Special on the TCC-750 is the completely sealed lower and hydraulically retractable side frames for easy, fast transport. The largest tele crawler that can transport with its tracks attached at under 100,000 pounds (45 metric ton), the 750 moves in either one or two loads depending on local restrictions. The retracted gauge, good for transport or work, is 8.4 feet (2.56 meters). Once on the job, two additional working modes at 11.9 feet (3.63 meters) and, fully extended, at 14 feet (4.27 meters) give added versatility to this mobile rig. With 36 inch (914 mm) triple grouser track pads and a retracted boom, this rig can easily navigate terrain that a lattice crawler with flat pads would never dare.

The TCC-750 has Link-Belt's exclusive four-section, full-power formed boom with greaseless Teflon wear pads. The boom is 38-115 feet (11.58-35.05 meters) with a maximum tip height of 121 feet (38.88 meters). Optional equipment includes a 35-58 feet (6.09-17.7 meters), two-piece, on-board lattice fly with offsets of 2, 15, 30, and 45 degrees. The maximum boom and jib length is 121 feet plus 58 feet for 179 feet (36.88 meters plus 17.67 meters for 54.55 meters).

Everyone is looking forward to seeing the first new product introduction by Tadano Mantis. The Tadano Mantis 15010 is a 77 ton (70 metric ton) capacity heavy-duty crawler crane in the Mantis tradition, the company said. The new 15010 is designed to handle heavy-duty, duty cycle applications as well as pure lift crane work. The 15010 is purpose designed from the ground up as a tele-boom crawler crane, the company said. It is designed to use less counterweight than other cranes to avoid rearward stability problems on sloping ground. This, together with its 260 hp (194 kW) Cummins engine and high pressure hydraulics, allows the 15010 gradeability to 68 percent.

The capacities are achieved by the wide stance telescopic crawler base instead of large counterweight pieces. Stability is demonstrated by its ability to pick and carry its full 77 ton load chart with its tracks extended; and even more impressively the company said the crane can pick and carry more than 50 tons (45 metric tons) through 360 degrees with its tracks retracted to an overall width of 12 feet 6 inches (3.81 meters). The 15010 is easy to haul, weighing in at less than 100,000 pounds, the company said. Tadano Mantis will also be displaying its 50-ton (45 metric ton) capacity model 10010Mx and the 100-ton (91 metric ton) model 20010 telescopic boom crawler.

Boom trucks
ICUEE is a showcase for the latest boom trucks for power line and utility work. From Manitex, ICUEE attendees will get an up close look at the company's newest model, the 50155S. Manitex said the new 155 foot (47.2 meter) boom on the 50155S sets the standard as the highest powered-boom reach available on a commercially available chassis.

"We have been working with our end users for over a year, and they reiterated the benefit of being able to exceed a 200-foot (61 meter) tip height without the need of a two-piece jib," said Randy Robertson, director of sales. "We believe this solution will provide significant value to the market." One of the initial units has been ordered by Truck Utilities out of St. Paul, Minnesota for use by MJ Electric LLC. It utilizes a creative axle configuration to make the unit legal for travel on roads with 7-ton axle limitations, the manufacturer said. Another initial unit, purchased by Rush Crane Systems out of San Antonio, Texas, utilizes an extended length lower frame to eliminate the need for a front stabilizer.

Both configurations are expected to ship by the end of the third quarter and be available for viewing at ICUEE. Scott Rolston, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Manitex International, Inc., said, "The investment in rebuilding the North American powerdistribution network is expected to be substantial, and major projects are already commencing or are in planning. To serve this market, height and lift with speed of operation are critical."

Elliott Equipment Company will introduce its new long boom 40-ton (36 metric ton) capacity boom truck, the 40142. It has 105 feet (32 meter) of powered main boom and a 142 foot (43 meter) tip height. Working height with optional platform is 203 feet (62 meter). Standard features and benefits, according to the company, are a 40-ton capacity at 6-foot (1.8 meter) radius; a 142 foot main boom with 152 foot (46 meter) tip height; work platform working height of 203 feet; a two-piece jib with ability to attach work platform; proportional radio remote control; load moment indicator (LMI) system; and a 12-month parts and labor warranty, 5-year limited structural warranty.

Jim Glazer, president, said, "This new long boom 40-ton model demonstrates Elliott's commitment to developing the best performing line of material handling solutions in the industry."

Also at the Elliott booth, see the new 26-ton (24 metric ton) capacity 26105D unit. The 105 foot (32 meter) powered main boom gives a 115 foot (35 meter) tip height. It also has a digger with industry leading 44 foot (13 meter) digging radius, according to the company.

Bryan Dammann, North American sales manager for boom trucks at Tadano Corp., is excited about ICUEE and the boom trucks they will bring to the show. "Our new TM-35100 will be the largest Tadano model shown at this important utility equipment show, and should prove to be a major attraction for those who attend this show," Dammann said.

The TM-35100, a 35-ton (32 metric ton) capacity crane with a maximum boom tip height of 110 feet (34 meters), is the latest addition to Tadano's boom truck line. Dammann says the machine has operational features not found on competitive crane models. Features include Tadano's exclusive non-symmetrical "out and down" outrigger positioning system, which allows the operator to set up as he sees fit to accommodate any number of outrigger configurations, all monitored through Tadano's AMA computer system which will adjust the capacities for any outrigger positions.

The TM-35100 also has a two-section 50-foot (15 meter) jib with 5, 25 and 45 degree off settable positions to give "up and over" capability with this four-section 100 foot (30 meter) oval box boom. The operator cab features air-conditioning and excellent visibility, the company said.

Tadano will also show its 18-ton (16 metric ton) tractor mounted crane with a maximum tip height of 92 feet (28 meters). The mounting configurations for the TM-1882 include the tractor mount, the straight truck mount as well as the straight truck rear-mounted crane. Tadano also has these configurations in "low profile" versions, which are popular with inner city work with lower overhead clearances with an average overall height of 12 feet 4 inches (3.8 meters). Tadano will also bring to ICUEE its 10-ton capacity TM-1052 boom truck with 52 foot (16 meter) boom. The crane shown will be mounted on a non-CDL chassis which requires a basic driver's license to drive and operate.

New from Manitowoc Cranes is the National Crane NBT 50 series boom truck, the largest offered. The 55-ton (50 metric ton) capacity boom truck boasts fully integrated machine control and LMI, which is a first for the boom truck market, the company said. Also new on this model are electric-over-hydraulic controls. These allow users to have more precise control when lifting loads and enable easy tuning of controls to accommodate operator preferences.

The National Crane NBT 50 series has the new Manitowoc standard cab being installed on National, Grove and Manitowoc cranes. The cab provides improved visibility and ergonomics, the company said, as well as allows an easier transition for operators from crane to crane if they are operating cranes from several Manitowoc brands. The new boom truck has two-stage, 24-foot (7.3 meter) span H-style outriggers with rated load charts at three positions: retracted, mid-span and full. New on this model are outrigger position sensors that alert operators when the outriggers are not in the correct position.

Terex will display two boom trucks and two articulating cranes. The TLC 380.3 truck loading crane has a stabilizer width of 24 feet 3 inches (7.4 meters) and an endless slewing area, the company says. The Terex TLC 380.3 is built to work in tough conditions. Eight hydraulic extensions allow for a maximum reach of 68 feet 10 inches (21 meters) and the lightweight design offers great truck payload capacity. This heavyduty crane was developed to work with a range of accessories, including a winch, fly jib, pallet fork and brick stack grab. Special features include a load sensing drive, for energy efficient operation, and remote control system.

Also on the Terex stand will be the Terex TLC345VWB, which was built for the wallboard industry. This truck loader crane has three hydraulic extensions, interior extension rams and a reach of approximately 64 feet 11 inches (19.8 meters). The twin slewing device offers smooth and accurate movements, while the robust design provides less bowing under load, allowing for more precise work. Additionally, the TLC 345VWB features a four-steel plate design surrounding the second jib.

The Terex BT 3870T lifts 19 tons (17 metric tons) and a 70 foot (21.3 meter) proportional telescopic keel boom. The Terex BT 3870T also has enhanced dual operator control stations and load moment indicator with work area definition. The BT 3870T is built to handle residential construction jobs, roofing systems, roadwork, equipment placing, transportation (self-loading and unloading of materials) and rental services, the company says. The Terex BT 3851 lifts 19 tons (17 metric tons) and a 51 foot (15.6 meter) boom. The BT 3851 has a maximum tip height of 88 feet (26.8 meters) and a swing rotation of 55 seconds. The overall height of the BT 3851 is 13 feet, 2 inches (4.1 meters), with an overall length of 31 feet, 10 inches and overall width of 8 feet (2.44 meters).

Articulating cranes
North American Lifting Equipment, (NALE), the sole Effer USA import distributor, continues to expand on its specialization in utility contractor and crane for hire markets. Effer's range of cranes up to 300 tons compliments its specialized strategy, particularly with the growing crane rental sector.

At ICUEE, NALE will be displaying its Effer 850, 275, and 585 series truck crane packages as well as a few other planned models. These models are especially suited to the utility industry because of their customization options, their flexibility in the field and their low maintenance costs over the life of the equipment. Of particular interest to show attendees will be a special video presentation at the NALE booth of Effer's involvement with the wind power industry, highlighted by the new Vestas Tower Crane.

The VTC is a custom designed Effer 2200 that clamps directly to the tower of the new Vestas 3MW wind turbines. When compared to performing routine maintenance and replacing large turbine parts such as gearboxes and blades, using a conventional truck crane, this revolutionary design could cut the costs of replacing the large components of wind turbines by 75 percent, and allow for work crews to perform maintenance in a far greater range of weather.

Iowa Mold Tooling Co. Inc. (IMT) announced a new and improved articulating crane product line to provide options for its customer's lift and reach needs. Seventeen of the company's 22 articulating crane offerings are new or improved, with lift capacities ranging from 1,740 pounds (790 kg) to 35,405 pounds (16,060 kg) maximum rating at a radius of 14 feet 5 inches (4 meters). "We have added new models and reclassified many of our current models to better reflect their capabilities for matching our customers' particular needs," said Steve Fairbanks, president of IMT. "We recognize that the customer wants as many crane choices as possible, and we also affirmed our customer commitment by soliciting input and incorporating many of their suggestions into our new designs."

One of the most significant changes to the lineup is the addition of eight midrange cranes with SL (single link) or DL (dual link) configurations. The different options offer customers distinct advantages depending on their specific lifting needs.

Making its debut to the worldwide market will be Palfinger's new PK 11001 corner mount crane. The 70,000 foot pound rating makes it the largest of its class. The PK 11001 CM also has Palfinger's Paltronic 50 system and comes standard with the BMS- 2 radio remote control. The ground level operator's station is also unique to the PK 11001 CM. The hydraulic out outrigger is standard as are the swivel pads on both stabilizer legs. At only 2,875 pounds (not including oil) this corner mounted crane is sure to be popular for many applications, Palfinger says.

Industrial cranes
Maeda Cranes will bring three of its innovative mini cranes to ICUEE, including the MC285, a new crane being introduced to the US this fall, the MC305C-2 and the LC785. These mini telescopic crawlers are ideal in tight spaces.

The second new crane from Manitowoc at ICUEE is the Grove YB7725, a 25-ton capacity industrial crane. It features a 70 foot, four-section boom with a 17 foot offsettable swing away extension. It also has a four-position pivoting boom head for low head room clearance. The new crane has beam jack style outriggers that can be extended or retracted at the same time. For improved maintenance on the new industrial crane, ORFS hydraulic fittings are used.

The upper section of the door swings out to allow for more room in the cab. For easier operation, a tilt steering wheel has been added along with new smoother operating joysticks. The dash has also been redesigned. The Grove YB7725 has standard four wheel drive and four-wheel steer as well as crab steer with electronic self-alignment. The 25-ton crane will also be available in the Shuttlelift product line.

Winch package
Braden Winch, a division of Paccar Winch divisions, will be introducing the new PD35 bumper winch package. The PD35 is rated at 35,000 pounds of pull and has extension shaft speeds up to 190 rpm. With two toolboxes and rugged construction it is the ultimate winch package available for the utility industry.

Crane controls, LMIs
To help crane operators perform their jobs safely, efficiently and on time, Rayco-Wylie Systems will introduce at ICUEE its new i3500 rated capacity indicator for knuckle boom cranes. Designed for OEMs, the i3500 is fully Can Bus with "plug and play" sensors for a quick installation and can be precalibrated. The calibration requires no extra hand-held device as it is performed using the display keypad. The user-friendly i3500 accommodates worldwide operators with nine languages to choose from, a unit of measure selection and international symbol keypad.

The i3500 for knuckle boom includes all the features of a rated capacity indicator (load on hook, maximal capacity, slew angle, boom length, boom tip height, radius and duty number) plus many options including range limiting device which defines working area when working close to power lines or buildings; datalogger, which records crane operations and is useful for crane maintenance and to identify problems in case of crane failures; and remote control, displaying the rated capacity main information. Hirschmann Automation and Control (PAT), a manufacturer of load moment indicators and control systems for mobile equipment, will present several of their latest products at ICUEE 2009. The main focus will be on the Scalable Mobile Control System and the iVISOR mentor EI65.

The Scalable Mobile Control System was designed to monitor and control machine function while offering the option of load moment indication. The versatility of this system allows it to be installed on virtually any machine. This scalable approach allows it to be used in any application from monitoring standard control functions to the most complicated custom control solution.

Hirschmann will also display the iVISOR mentor EI65 crane indicator system. This system displays all geometric and load data along with the hoist selection and parts of line through the operators' console. The console features a large LCD display that provides increased visibility. In addition, the iVISOR mentor EI65 was developed as a cost effective upgrade solution for existing Hirschmann and PAT EI65 systems that are currently in the field.

Hirschmann will also display their existing line of PAT, Krueger, and Hirschmann branded load moment indicators, indicating devices, and sensors for OEM and retrofit applications.

HBC-radiomatic, a supplier of radio controls for industrial applications, is presenting a diverse assortment of new products and features for lifting and conveying equipment.

Now with integrated LCD, HBCradiomatic's brand new spectrum A and spectrum B transmitters offer all of the advantages of the proven spectrum series by HBC-radiomatic: safety, reliability and operating comfort. In addition, spectrum A and spectrum B feature a new integrated LCD for display of system and feedback data. Depending on the desired transmitter configuration, the user may have the load weight and wind speed displayed, providing safety and reliability. The new transmitters are ideally suited for the control of industrial cranes and machinery. While the spectrum A covers the standard application range, the spectrum B offers additional functions for the wireless control of demanding applications.

HBC-radiomatic is presenting the patrol D transmitter used for the wireless control of machinery and special applications. It is available with toggle switches, push buttons and other operating elements depending on needs and can be carried comfortably at the side with a belt.

Showcasing its latest technological advances and radio remote control designs, Hetronic will debut its mobile technology center at ICUEE 2009. Among the most advanced product innovations are the NOVA Touch transmitter and the MLC Touch receiver. Equipped with the latest haptic technologies, roomy touch screens and more, these groundbreaking products offer entirely new levels of safety, security and functionality. In addition to the wide variety of world-class RRC products on display, Hetronic will also provide "hands on" outdoor RRC demonstrations.

OEM Controls has developed contactless controls with Hall Effect technology. The HFP4, HJS8, HJS9, HMS7, HMS10, HJS20 AND HRS1 all feature factory programmable output that is proportional within 0-10V, ratiometric or absolute configurations. They also feature two additional digital outputs and programmable on/off positions relative to handle travel. The controls have short circuit and reverse polarity protection provided on board, feature proven environmental coating protection, the company says, and are compact and rugged. OEM Controls will also have its multifunction grip handles on display. Thehandles are available either in joystick mounted or stand-alone and are offered in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate any configuration of contacts, trigger/levers, potentiometers and micro-controllers. The units also have an IP65 water protection rating.

N4 Systems, Inc. will showcase its Field ID inspection and safety compliance management solution. The system allows organizations to use RFID, mobile computers and the Internet to completely automate and digitize inspection and safety compliance processes. Field ID also allows customers to connect to manufacturers, inspectors and end users.

Diversified Products introduces the ELL-161kV Energized Line Lifter, offering a safe and effective solution for power line and electric utility crews looking to optimize utilization of jobsite equipment and personnel. Field-tested and approved by transmission and distribution maintenance professionals, the ELL-161kV will support an energized line with the same crane being used to hold other energized conductors. This increases crew efficiency by freeing up bucket trucks or other equipment previously dedicated to holding the line, thereby allowing linemen to make use of the equipment for other functions.

The ELL-161kV has a lift capacity of 2,500 pounds, making it capable of picking up energized lines with greater spans between poles. A dual/bundle lifter is an optional feature on the ELL-161kV. Test bands, corona rings and other options are also available to meet the work practices of individual utility companies. At 10 feet in length, the ELL-161kV provides ample clearance from the crane and other energized lines. It also features angular adjustments to meet the needs of various applications. The jib on the ELL-161kV is constructed of continuous roving, filamentwound fiberglass and includes an additional finish over the fiberglass gel coat for added durability. The ELL-161kV is tested to 161 kV and exceeds the applicable requirements of ANSI A92.2 and ASME B30.5.

Pads, mats, rigging
Offering aluminum-magnesium crane pads, Sauber Manufacturing Company of Virgil, IL develops pads for specific applications. Its crane pads are engineered and built for crane manufacturers to include on new units and are also available for after-market purchase. Designed to connect directly to the ram of the crane, Sauber pads are integral to the outrigger foot, not generic off-the-shelf flat pads.

Alturnamats will have a variety of its ground protection mats at ICUEE. The company's original AlturnaMAT with diamond cleats on both sides will be on exhibit. Designed for heavy equipment, the mat is best suited to not only protect the ground, but also allow equipment to easily move in mud, sand or snow. The mat is available with cleats on both sides, one side or smooth. The mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Ensinger's light weight, high-capacity, cast-nylon crane mats can handle between 85,000 pounds (7/8 inch mat) and 500,000 pounds (1 inch mat). These mats are corrosion resistant, non-conductive, have been FEA Tested, out-performs 2 inch UHMW capacities in most sizes, and they offer better ground surface coverage under loads, according to Houston-based CraneWorksMats. They also retain their shape, are easy to store, and come in a safety yellow for better visibility in Outrigger Foot Crush Zone.

Rigging gear
The Crosby Group markets a line of premium accessories used in material handling and rigging applications. Based in the US, the company provides a broad range of products suitable for the most demanding of operating conditions. Products include wire rope clips, hooks, shackles, lifting clamps, hoist rings, overhaul balls, snatch blocks, crane blocks and sheaves.

Crosby also provides a training program, focusing on the proper usage of Crosby products. Among the new products The Crosby Group will show at ICUEE is the new patented Split-Nut Retention System for shank hooks used in standard McKissick 380 Series and Easy Reeve crane blocks. The new innovative Split-Nut eliminates the conventional threaded nut and problems associated with nut removal for inspection. The new retention system allows for easy inspection of the shank hook as required by applicable ASME B30, CSA Z150 and other specific crane standards.

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