Miniaturization provides unique training opportunities

By Hannah Sundermeyer15 February 2018

Miniaturization is the trend to produce ever smaller mechanical or electronic products. Think about your first cell phone. It was probably much larger than the thin smart phone that you carry around today. NASA was an early proponent of miniaturization in its quest to develop lighter electronics in space. Miniaturization has been embraced by the crane, rigging and specialized transportation sector for many years. The goal is to produce equipment that is lighter and more agile.

Nacb kit

This kit uses scaled down versions of screw pin shackles, swivel hoist rings, slings and master links that are on the typical jobsite.

Miniaturization can also be effectively used in training crane operators and rigging personnel in proper rigging techniques.

The North American Crane Bureau (NACB) recently introduced the NACB Training Kit that was designed as a training aid to provide a thorough, long-term understanding of using typical rigging gear. Designed by TactiLearning, the kit features miniaturized rigging gear, much like you would see on a typical jobsite where cranes are being operated.

Hands-on learning

“These kits allow the participant to rig and attach loads in a controlled environment, and anything that can be used as a tool for proper training in a more controlled environment will continue to be paramount in reducing accidents,” said Ted L. Blanton, Sr., president and CEO of NACB. “NACB continues to push the envelope, leveraging its long history of success by partnering with groups like TactiLearning to bring such innovative products to the industry.”

There are many perks and benefits of the NACB Training Kit, including its compact size. Measuring in at only 5 by 5 by 17 inches and weighing only five pounds, the kit includes an instructor guide, trainer presentation and student manual, in addition to a Crosby Lift Guide and a tape measure with level and angle guides. The instruction guide has seven rigging workshops covering the following safety presentations: Rigging with a Single-Point Load Hook, Rigging with a Duplex Load Hook, Rigging with Basic Hitches, Calculating Weight, Sling Angle, and Tension, Rigging a Load with an Off-Center C.O.G., Rigging with Snatch Blocks –The Basics, and Rigging with Snatch Blocks – Rolling a Load.

The kit includes functional, scaled-down versions of screw pin shackles, swivel hoist rings, slings and master links. It comes with multiple loads, individual components and sling lengths for learning rigging concepts.

The Instructor Manual features multiple training scenarios. It addresses bridle hitches, basket hitches, load control, off-center of gravity, shackle orientation, pivoting a load, length/height sling tension multipliers, eye bolt de-rating for angular loads and more.

According to NACB, any product that can reduce the chances of an accident or loss of life is an asset. Proper safety training goes a long way, and it can be performed with minimal costs and time. Personnel that have been properly trained are more qualified and can perform their jobs safely and with fewer hazards.

It’s also important to note the flexibility of space and time to properly train in a classroom scenario. The cost, physical space or liability insurance to train a group of riggers alone makes rigging training very challenging. This kit eliminates these factors and allows for trained personnel to guide students through complex rigging scenarios in a safe manner.

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