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By Hannah Sundermeyer05 December 2017

Cometto mgsl (1)

The MGSL is designed for public roads, off-road transport as well as for inside plant operations.

With roads and highways spanning thousands upon thousands of miles across the country, it can be truly mind boggling to step back and think about how massive pieces of machinery, vessels and other equipment get from one place to another. It involves an incredible effort by both man and machine. Although it’s safe to say the machine pulls a bit more weight…quite literally. Trailers and their components are constantly adapting and improving, in sync with many other pieces of specialized hauling equipment and vehicles. ACT asked trailer manufacturers to submit information about their latest and greatest hauling innovations.

Aspen Trailer

Aspen Trailer has been building application engineered heavy haul trailers since 1979. The company has been building oilfield trailers for almost as long. Aspen’s Petroleum Series features fixed and folding gooseneck trailers designed for hauling skid-mounted loads. The P-Series is available in specific regional configurations designed to maximize regulations. In Western Canada and the northern U.S., Aspen offers 8 and 10-axle versions. In the southern U.S., Aspen offers 11, 12 and 13-axle versions. All P-Series trailers feature Aspen’s fixed or signature folding gooseneck designs and can be configured with various deck widths, lengths and styles with a choice of a live tail roll or flip over live tail roll with various kicker roll options.


After being purchased by the Faymonville Group, Cometto, a specialist in self-propelled modular and industrial vehicles, has quickly adapted to the new dynamic. A new product has now been included in the product range: the MGSL modular axle lines. Modular axle lines are almost always a consideration when moving the heaviest loads. The MGSL line was designed for these kinds of transport jobs with payloads from 50 to 5,000 tons. With this modular vehicle type, transport companies can reach the highest flexibility for the most different and difficult hauling and moving cargo. The MGSL is designed for public roads, off-road transport as well as for inside plant operations.

With a strengthened loading area, it reaches point loads up to 55.12 tons above the wheel arches and 88.18 tons above cross members for heavy and concentrated loads. The MGSL has the highest bending moment on the market, according to Cometto. The user-friendly concept of the Cometto MGSL offers a big advantage for the daily work, and the axle compensation makes ideal load distribution possible. Maneuverability is guaranteed by pendulum axles with a stroke of 23.62 inches and the pivot-mounted bogie with a 60 degree steering angle. Road inclinations (lengthwise and crosswise) can easily be compensated with the stroke on the cylinders. Pendulum axles ensure optimum ground contact and equal tire pressure under the most difficult circumstances and keep the platform almost in a horizontal level. The hydraulic forced-steering permits a maximum driving comfort. The steering is controlled either by a gooseneck or by a drawbar. The freely accessible steering rods give an easy and safe adaptation of steering angles.

Eager Beaver Trailers

Aspen p series photo

Aspen’s Petroleum Series is a line of fixed and folding gooseneck trailers designed for hauling skid-mounted loads.

Eager Beaver Trailers recently built several 55GSL trailers (55-ton hydraulic detachable gooseneck trailers) using a 130,000 PSI steel product called Strenx. Produced by SSAB, this material lightens the trailer weight by approximately 20 percent. One unit built for a customer in Richmond, VA required critical weight limits on the trailer.

Eager Beaver Trailers also recently built Yardworks a 4-axle 55GSL/3 trailer with 26 feet in the well and 60-inch axle spacings. It is used for hauling a Morbark 4600XL wood hog horizontal grinder. The empty weight on the trailer with the 4th flip axle came in at 23,400 pounds. The 55GSL also featured a bucket pocket and lower boomwell to help keep the height of the machine down. The Strenx product results in trailers with many features and options and still keeps the empty weight light, the company said. Standard features on all 55GSL trailers include all wheel ABS, Axalta Imron paint, Apitong decking and lift third axles. Eager Beaver Trailers also builds 55 and 60-ton Paver trailers for the heavier milling machines and shuttle vehicles.

E.D. Etnyre

Etnyre focuses on producing a complete line of folding gooseneck trailers. These trailers are offered in a mechanical folding (requires tractor mounted winch) and a hydraulic folding model that can be operated with a tractor wet line or a self-contained 13hp Honda power pack. These units are offered in two deck designs, the double drop or level deck with a full offering of other options such as swing clearance, deck length and width and tire size (offering various deck heights).


Eager beaver

Etnyre’s line of folding gooseneck trailers are offered in a mechanical folding (requires tractor-mounted winch) and a hydraulic folding model that can be operated with a tractor wet line or a self-contained 13hp Honda power pack.

The MegaMax double drop stretch trailers from Faymonville give customers a competitive edge and opens a widened range of transport possibilities. A unique feature in North America is the king-pin steering. Faymonville said its unmatched maneuverability allows access into extremely tight areas. The 42-degree steering angle offers the option to move these trailers into tighter and smaller locations. With a drive height of only 13.8 inches, the MegaMax’s perimeter-style deck is the lowest stretch in the market and offers the possibility to move highest goods underneath the lowest bridges, the company said.

The 3-axle trailers on air suspension are rated for 100,000 pounds technical capacity. With a compressed length of 53 feet and a width of 100 inches without outriggers, it can be run empty without escorts or permits. The deck stretches from 25 feet up to 42 feet, and can be extended farther using additional deck inserts (79 to 118 to 158 inches) that can be added using the detachable rear bogie. The hydraulic detachable gooseneck allows continuous height adjustment and easy loading of machinery. The latest option for the MegaMax is a fourth pin-on flip axle to increase the legal pay load and ensure more versatility going from state to state. This axle is steerable and easy to detach or flip, and no shimming is required. The load transfer is done via air ride system and the last axles are liftable. Faymonville is the only European manufacturer in the North American market that uses electric and pneumatic components that are completely DOT approved, the company said.


With its THP/DC, Goldhofer has developed a vehicle to meet the broad range of vehicle registration requirements in the individual states of the U.S. From a basic width of 13.98 feet, the modules can be widened step by step up to a maximum of 20 feet while the vehicle is on the move and under load (maximum 24-ton axle load at 25.86 mph) with the hydraulics operated by remote control. The standard running height of 4.27 feet can be adjusted by using its hydraulic axle stroke of up to 2.3 feet. In the past it was often necessary to completely unload the vehicles in order to adjust the width manually for critical sections of the route or border crossings, but the hydraulic system developed for the Goldhofer THP/DC offers an impressive degree of flexibility that translates into real added value. In addition to the savings in time, mobility costs are also reduced as no additional tools are needed to adjust the vehicles to comply with the different regulations in force in the various federal states. Optionally, the trailers can also be operated with a special THP/DC gooseneck and such THP/SL accessories as drop deck and turntable bolster.

The STZ P9 highway semitrailer is also tailored to the needs of the U.S. transport industry. The vehicle has three-by-three twin-axle bogies with pendular axle technology and a maximum steering angle of 60 degrees for excellent maneuverability.

Goldhofer 1

With its THP/DC, Goldhofer has developed a vehicle to meet the broad range of different vehicle registration requirements in the individual states of the U.S.

The low running height of STZ-P9 makes for easy loading and unloading with a wide range of cargoes. Also, axle spacing between the bogies can be adjusted to meet the various U.S. regulations. Another attractive feature of the STZ-P9 is the rear bogie, which can be retracted under load for greater flexibility when negotiating tight bends and roundabouts. On completion of the maneuver, the tractor is used to return the vehicle to the original extension. That means time savings and reduced transport costs, with just one tractor needed for even the most challenging journeys.

K-Line Trailers

Moving extraordinary loads needs more than off-the-shelf solutions so K-Line works closely with its customers to develop the specifications and features that will work for their needs. Transportation is a competitive industry and a trailer designed with adaptability can help customers keep their competitive advantage. K-Line’s multi-axle transporters are a strong solution for specialized hauling. With standard pin joints and bolt connections a K-Line trailer can be easily modified or upgraded down the road. K-Line designs its trailers with an eye on tare weight, longevity and reliability. These key design elements translate into increased profitability for the end user, the company said.


The Next Generation Landoll series was introduced into the heavy haul market with the introduction of the Model 455A. The Model 455A is equipped with a new hydraulic operating system, nicknamed H.O.S.S., and a high-visibility lighting package. The 455A is a 55-ton traveling axle-style trailer designed with a deck rating of 70,000 pounds in 10 feet and comes in lengths of 48, 50 and 53 feet. The major improvement with the H.O.S.S. system is that the overall operational time is cut in half. The axle traveling forward increased by 36 percent and moving back by 58 percent. Tilt deck positioning has increased to nearly 63 percent, while winch in and out speeds are closer to 66 percent. This improvement will allow for more loads to take place. Removal of restrictors eliminate considerable back pressure, resulting in cooler operational temperatures and a quieter environment. Continuous oil encasement of valves in the control panel require less maintenance. Previously, oil circulated through the entire system before returning to the tank, allowing for only a 14 GPM flow. Oil now only travels through the closed center inlet and back to the tank, creating a 20 GPM flow.

Nelson Trailers

Nelson trailers

Nelson’s new kingpin-activated steering step deck stretch trailer is 53 feet long when closed and opens to an 84 feet 6 inch overall length when open.

Nelson’s new kingpin activated steering step deck stretch trailer is 53 feet long when closed and opens to an 84 feet 6 inch overall length when open. The fully stretched trailer provides 72 feet 4 inches of deck space at a height of just 36 inches. The kingpin-activated steering system provides automatic progressive steering, which makes it among the most maneuverable trailers on the market. The progressive steering also virtually eliminates tire scrub when cornering. The automatic steering system allows the trailer to move through intersections and make tight turns without the need to manually steer. Manual steering will rarely be required when driving over the road. The unit is equipped with a wireless remote control to manually steer the rear axles. This is used mostly when backing into tight areas for loading and unloading. An electric motor and pump provides a zero-emission power source for the manual steering operations. Nelson offers kingpin-activated steering on nearly all its models.

Scheuerle/TII Group

With the Scheuerle Highway Giant PB, the TII Group presents a dual lane trailer that can be folded and loaded onto standard trucks guaranteeing efficient mobilization. This innovation was first introduced into the market by Scheuerle, and naturally saves on cost-intensive approval processes. The construction not only allows different vehicle widths (15 feet 9 inches, 17 feet 9 inches, 19 feet 8 inches) but also offers the possibility of safely widening the vehicle when under load. Adaptation to ensure compliance with the range of different regulations in place in the individual U.S. states concerning transit transports can be carried out simply and cost-effectively with just one vehicle.

In order to achieve an optimum payload/dead weight ratio, the bogie units are designed using stable, lightweight construction. A gooseneck or drawbar is used for connecting to the pulling vehicle while equipment such as spacer coupling elements or decks can also be easily integrated. The central element of the Highway Giant is Scheuerle’s proven pendulum axle technology.

The Scheuerle HighwayTrailer MES (Modular Extra Strong) is characterized by the lowest deadweight and the highest bending moment available on the market and builds on the successes of the non-modular models, the company said. The MES rounds out the Scheuerle HighwayTrailer series. It merges the requirements for transporting oversized loads as well as point loads on a single vehicle, enabling the owner to carry out an unprecedented range of transport assignments with only one modular vehicle. The Scheuerle HighwayTrailer MES allows the configuration as a semi-trailer for all types of everyday loads along with the option of connecting two platform trailers for accommodating extremely long loads, for example distribution pillars, bridge components, containers or large beams weighing up to 126.8 tons.

Talbert Manufacturing

Trail king tk80 mg hg with full width mechanical neck

Trail King Commercial MG-HG comes standard with the full-width mechanical gooseneck and is engineered to accomodate four interchangeable goosneck styles. 

A North American leader in specialized heavy-haul solutions, Talbert recently introduced the 55-ton Roller Paver (55CC-RP) heavy-haul trailer for enhanced load versatility and minimal permit costs. The trailer’s concentrated load rating of 55 tons in 12.5 feet of deck allows owners to haul a variety of equipment, including rollers, pavers, excavators and dozers. Talbert also designed the new trailer with dual kingpin settings. These settings allow drivers to operate in states with 43-foot kingpin laws, such as Connecticut, without the need for a permit when traveling empty. Talbert designed the 55CC-RP with extra steel in the main and side beams of the deck as well as the gooseneck and rear axles. This additional reinforcement allows the trailer to achieve its 55-ton capacity in a 12.5-foot rigid-load base rating while maintaining the structural integrity and load angle required for roller pavers. In addition, Talbert accommodated the 43-foot kingpin law by adjusting the trailer’s deck length, gooseneck radiuses and rear ramps from previous roller paver trailer models. The trailer’s overall length of 53 feet eliminates the need for over-length permits in certain U.S. states.

The 55CC-RP offers a 24-foot clear deck length in the well. It also features 20-inch cross member spacing along with auxiliary cross members on the lower deck, which provide optimal flooring for heavy loads. The trailer’s three axles are close-coupled and can accept optional pin-on axles for loads requiring four axles in a row. Users can load low-profile equipment onto the 22-inch-tall deck, with 6-inch loaded road clearance, via the front of the trailer using the trailer’s tapered ramps. The ramps are 41 inches long, as much as 9 inches longer than those on typical trailers, to establish the optimal approach angle, Talbert said. The ramp’s widths can also be adjusted.


Temisko recently released a new modular dolly and jeep. These units can grow to the size of the load, and they can be used to make new configurations. The jeep dolly’s center insert can be replaced to make a low bed, and this low bed is also intended to grow from a tandem all the way to a 4 axle. On top of all of that, this equipment boasts the lowest loading height because of the through axle design. Ready to stack, all brackets come standard.

Trail King

Trail King Industries, a leading trailer manufacturer of open deck and material hauling trailers serving a wide variety of markets, recently introduced the market to its Commercial MG-HG detachable gooseneck trailer featuring interchangeable gooseneck styles. The Commercial MG-HG trailer is engineered to offer exceptional corrosion resistance. Moisture trapping areas have been designed out of the structure of the trailer, minimizing the build-up of road debris and moisture accumulation that leads to corrosion. Optional lightweight, aluminium features, including aluminium I-beam or box beam cross members, outer rails, decking and front and rear channels, provide more corrosion resistance.

The Commercial MG-HG comes standard with the full-width mechanical gooseneck and is engineered to accommodate four interchangeable gooseneck styles. Goosenecks can be ordered in either full-width or narrow-width, and mechanical or hydraulic to accommodate different customer demands and provide maximum flexibility.



The Scheuerle HighwayTrailer MES (Modular Extra Strong) is characterized by the lowest deadweight and the highest bending moment available on the market and builds on the successes of the non-modular models, the company said.

TrailMax Trailers recently announced the completion of a new 40,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Caldwell, ID. The new facility features state-of-the-art equipment, including an AccuKut Plasma table and computerized welding booms. The facility also has a new Moses Control, by Accurpress. These new systems allow TrailMax to bring more manufacturing capabilities in house, creating more jobs in the community and allowing control of the top quality products manufactured and designed.

While placing a strong emphasis on core product as they gear up to triple production in 2018, TrailMax produces a variety of trailers ranging from standard utility trailers and tiltbeds to traveling axles and power ramps with capacity ranges to fit many needs.

XL Specialized Trailers

XL Specialized Trailers is launching its first galvanized lowboy with the Mechanical Detachable Extendable (MDE). The new model combines the advantages of an extendable lowboy with the anti-corrosion benefits of galvanized materials. XL builds its galvanized units with the same high-quality T-1 flange, 80K web as its other lowboys. The hot-dip galvanizing process creates a durable barrier between the elements, and the steel and also enables the trailer to withstand harsh weather and road conditions.

For durability on the loading area, the unit features Apitong decking on the front, main and rear deck. In addition to the MDE trailer, XL Specialized also recently released a galvanized MFG Mini-Deck model.

The 80 MDE has an overall capacity of 80,000 pounds 16 feet closed. Multiple extension stops allow users to extend the 48-foot long trailer to a variety of lengths. XL’s patented Extend-A-Trac system allows drivers to extend and retract the trailer without hooking or unhooking air and electric lines. In addition, the main deck of the MDE trailer is 29 feet long and extends out to 50 feet 4 inches to handle long loads.


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