rigging gear roundup

18 April 2008

• The new Rig-Release Remote release hook is designed to set loads at any height - and then safely release the hook from the ground. Hook to the crane or other lifting device, attach the is the new bridge is a bit wider than its sister trestle. When the new bridge is complete and open to traffic the old one will be closed for repairs and modern retrofitting, including a paint job and other improvements. When that work is complete, both will be opened, with the new bridge carrying traffic one way and the old one carrying traffic the other way lifting slings to the Rig-Release and rig the load. Once the load is set, and the load line is slack, pull the release cord, or activate the remote control to release the slings, and move onto the next lift. The rigging is released from the ground with no need to have workers at the load height to release the rigging. Manual Rig-Release units are available in capacities from 1 to15 tons. Electronic release units are available in 5 ton capacities.

For more information visit www.construction lifters.com

• While it is an important activity, visual inspection cannot accurately determine the residual strength of a sling. The CheckFast Inspection System, combined with thorough visual and tactile inspection techniques, can provide sling users and inspectors with an effective inspection system and also assist employers in complying with the training and inspection requirements, detailed in the ASME B30.9 Sling Safety Standards.

WRCA forms joint venture with China's Wuhan Iron and Steel Wire Rope Corporation of America and Wuhan Iron and Steel have formed a joint venture called WISCO WRCA CO. Ltd. The joint venture, which is 51% owned by WRCA and 49% by WISCO, will produce wire rope in China for the Chinese and Asian markets. Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation is China's third largest steel producer and the 18th largest in the world. WISCO WRCA will build a production facility in Wuhan, China, west of Shanghai, on the Yangtze River. WISCO, which is close to the new rope mill, will be the primary supplier of rod to the joint venture. The one-million square foot facility will be able to produce 50,000 metric tons of wire rope products when all of the equipment is installed. The product is exclusively for the Chinese and Asian markets, and is not for export into the North American market. Total investment in the new venture will be approximately $100 million. Construction of the new plant is expected to start in August 2006 and be substantially completed in 2007, with some specialty installations continuing into 2008. The plant is expected to employ more than 400 people actrigging news The CheckFast Inspection System provides a warning to sling users and inspectors of such indications as internal load carrying fiber damage from fiber on fiber abrasion and overloading beyond the proof test of twice the vertical work load limit. The CheckFast Inspection System is a black CheckFast Ribbon with silver lettering extending from the sling cover and the External Warning Indicator (EWI), an extension of double-braided cordage, which lays parallel to the sling tag and the CheckFast Ribbon.

If the Fast System indicates damage, it does so without further weakening the load carrying yarns. If the sling is loaded beyond the work load limit, the EWI will disappear before the sling fails. If the sling passes a visual and tactile inspection, the Check Fast ribbon cannot be pulled easily from the sling and the EWI is visible, the sling is safe for use.

For more information see www.lift-it.com

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