Rigging roundup boasts new products

10 October 2017

Gunnebo gfs repro

Proper and safe rigging gear is just as important as sophiticated cranes and heavy haul systems. Manufacturers of this equipment must continually innovate to keep up with industry needs, especially with projects getting higher and heavier.

ACT presents a roundup of rigging and below-the-hook gear and equipment recently introduced.

Hook blocks

Gunnebo Johnson’s new Johnson GFS (Global Flexi-Weight) crane block allows users to quickly adjust the overhaul weight of the block to be suitable for virtually any lifting operation, saving time and money, the company said. All weights are interchangeable within families allowing users to share weights with other GFS blocks or purchase an additional set to increase block weight. The quick connect cheek weights require no tools making it possible to change the weight of the block on the jobsite. Weights are easily removed for crane transport, lowering the front axle weight.

La clede chain

The intelligent design GFS offers an upright reeving position, and in conjunction with the Johnson quick reeve pins, provides faster and more efficient reeving. The GFS block is CE and ASME design-compliant, meeting the EN 13000 and ASME B30.5 standards. Options include reeving guards, cheek weights in a variety of weight ranges, ramshorn hooks, hook rotation lock, safety stripes, DIN hooks and Johnson hooks. Custom designs are available by request. The GFS block is covered by a two-year warranty.

Chain innovation

A maker of domestic chain since 1854, Laclede Chain Manufacturing recently introduced its Hi-Viz USA Grade 120 chain that is available for the overhead lifting and tie-down market. The Hi-Viz chain, marketed as “safety you can see,” is available in neon colors to help users see the equipment being lifted or cargo equipment that is being tied down. The chain features Laclede’s Hi-Viz one-of-a-kind powder coat finish to help protect the chain in the elements. Hi-Viz is offered on two premium grades of alloy chain: G120 = Hi-Viz green and G100 = Hi-Viz yellow.

Pewag has been at the core of chain innovation for more than 500 years and the company recently launched its new 5/8-inch Grade 120-line that brings strength through higher capacity, weight reduction, intelligent profile, longer lasting optimized bending resistance and easy visual identification.

With the new addition to the Grade 120 line, Pewag also introduced clevis style hooks for easy assembly and two chains to choose from, the Lifting Chain Pewag Winner Pro 300 Series Highest Quality Grade 120 chain, rated for 570 degrees F temperature and powder coated blue as well as the Lifting Chain Pewag Winner Pro 200 Series High Quality Grade 120 chain, rated for 400 degrees F temperature painted gray.


Hoist rings

Jergens’ new Lift-Check hoist ring ensures safety and quick lifting with its patent-pending, proprietary Visual Tension Indicator hex-head cap screw, the company reported. These screws turn from red to black when the hoist ring is safe to lift, eliminating calibration, allowing hands-free inspection and reducing installation time. It’s simple: Red means no, black means go. Lift-Check provides accuracy of plus or minus 10 percent of designed tension and is rated at 5:1 strength factor and proof tested to 200 percent of rated load capacity in accordance with ASME B30.26. Made of alloy steel with a black oxide finish, the Lift Check Hoist Ring offers full 360-degree swivel and 180-degree pivot action.

Built in the U.S. Lift-Check provides repeatable solutions for a wide range of lifting applications from 2,500 to 7,000 pounds.

American Drill Bushing Company (ADB) has been a leading manufacturer of safety hoist rings since 1964. New from ADB is the 55,000-pound WLL Heavy Duty Hoist Ring. Made in the U.S., the WLL is forged from high strength, 4140 alloy steel and has a 5:1 design factor. This model is significantly smaller and lighter than the original safety engineered version weighing in at only 50 pounds versus traditional designs weighing as much as 100 pounds. This translates to a more ergonomic lifting device enabling easier and safe installation and removal. All ADB Heavy Duty hoist rings meet the manufacturing and design requirements of ASME B30.26 and MIL-STD 209. They are magnetic particle inspected per ASTM 1444, individually serial numbered and proof tested to 200 percent of the WLL. ADB Heavy Duty hoist rings are available from 550 to 55,000 pounds and include metric sizes as well as EZ-Torque versions.

Shank hooks

Columbus McKinnon Corp. is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of material handling products, systems and services. CM produces shank hooks with suspensions and are fully assembled with trunnions, bearings, nuts and latches that allow for easy installation to existing block side plates. The suspensions include grease fittings for quick and easy lubrication.

Tim Lewis, business development manager, said, “CM shank hooks with suspensions reduce crane builders’ machining time and costs and ship fast so we can ensure they get the hook they need, when they need it. Our hooks are the highest quality shank hooks on the market and are competitively priced to fit any budget.”

Columbus McKinnon also helps crane builders reduce their inventory costs by manufacturing single- and double-hook configurations with capacities up to 1,250 metric tons. All CM shank hooks are designed to stringent, globally recognized DIN standards.

Wear pads

Pewag chain

The Rigging Box launched the Power Z Corner-EdgeLifter Wear Pad, which has been granted four patents in the U.S. and Canada. The new heavy load corner wear pad is composed of lightweight nylon blocks that are pliable but strong enough to withstand a 400,000-pound third-party test without compromise, the company said. Rigging Box has also been awarded a new patent that allows the company to include magnets for securing the EdgeLifter Wear Pad in place, while the rigger is applying the sling.

Each block is wrapped independently in Kevlar felt, placed in a Cordura Sleeve, stitched on both sides with Velcro fasteners forming a tunnel to be applied securely to the sling. This is a versatile wear pad that can be used laying on a flat surface, for abrasion resistance or for corners. The EdgeLifter has adjustable flaps to accommodate any size sling and can be fabricated to meet special needs. The completed EdgeLifter is made from high quality American-made materials to effectively isolate slings from corners or sharp edges, increasing sling life while protecting both slings and loads from damage or failure. The main reason most synthetic sleeves are taken out of services is abrasion or cutting. The Rigging Box can custom fabricate the Power Z EdgeLifter to fit a wide variety of applications. The Power Z Corner EdgeLifter Wear Pad can be used with wire rope and chain slings as well.


Abd hoist rings 55 k hd vs 50 k safety

Trinity Sling, inventor of the patented Gangline pipe restraint system, has created the Whip-Lash, a new restraint specifically for iron-to-hose connections in fracking or oilfield operations. These connections are typically difficult to protect in pressure pumping situations using existing restraint systems designed only for iron.

“We came up with Whip-Lash in response to our customers’ requests for a product that would restrain hose to iron,” said Bobby Allen, vice president of sales, Trinity Sling. “We researched it, engineered it to make sure it was solid, and have found it to be extremely popular because it is so simple to install and so lightweight.”

The Whip-Lash provides all the benefits of Trinity’s patented Gangline pipe restraint system. Whip-Lash allows the user on the pad to make fast, easy connections. It is made from lightweight synthetic material that won’t rust or damage the flow line, and it is easily adjustable for different diameters of hose or pipe.

Whip-Lash is designed to contain pressurized pipe, hose or components in the event of a catastrophic failure and to mitigate damage from “whipping” of pressurized flow lines and components. It is constructed for use in pressurized flow-line operations and composed of proprietary high-tenacity polyester fibers. It is also designed to fit hose or iron with inside diameters from one to six inches based on operating pressures stated on tag. Trinity’s Whip-Lash satisfies the requirements for restraining hose connections mandated by OSHA and WorkSafe BC.

Spreader bars

Modulift has launched a combined lifting and spreader beam utilizing a clamp system that provides a safe, fast and adjustable beam, enabling users to lift from multiple points top and bottom. The Adjustable Lifting/Spreader Beam is a fully adaptable system and particularly lends itself to applications where flexibility and speed are needed.

The beam is designed to up to 8.5-metric ton capacity, depending on configuration, but offered with four clamps as standard to adjust the lifting points to enable flexibility between a single top lifting point (lifting beam) or double top lifting points (spreader beam).

The clamps are pre-assembled on the beam together with markers to show alignment and the center of lift. Clamps on the upper/top side of the beam are of a larger rating and size than the two clamps fitted to the bottom/underside of the beam. The MOD CLS can also be adapted to suit with up to an additional four clamps on the bottom side of the beam allowing users the flexibility of additional lifting points. If more points are needed, the system can also be designed as an H-Frame, providing infinite lifting points.

Cm shank hook with suspension

Spreader beams

Peerless Industrial Group recently rolled out its Universal Lifting/Spreader Beam (UNVB) that is ideal for indoor lifting or outdoor construction applications. The UNVB is available from ¼-ton through 7-ton capacities with lengths from four to 12 feet.

With a fully adjustable design, the UNVB is ideal for accommodating various load sizes, and can be utilized as a lifting beam where headroom is limited or a spreader beam where extra stability is required. As a lifting beam, the upper lift point is adjustable for off-center loads. As a spreader beam, it is utilized with upper rigging spread between two lift points to add extra stability to the lift. It can be easily configured as a three or four-point lifting system with additional beams. Features include one upper and two lower shackles, and can be ordered with optional chain top rigging.

The UNVB is engineered and manufactured to ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 2 and has a specified fatigue life of 100,001 to 500,000 load cycles. All UNVB, Universal Telescopic Lifting/Spreader Beams are proof tested to 125 percent capacity.

Peerless Industrial Group is a worldwide provider of lifting solutions, is part of KITO Corporation’s global network providing customers access to overhead lifting, below-the-hook and material handling, cargo control, hardware, marine and traction products.

Trinity sling img 9579

Sling shackles

Green Pin introduced the Green Pin Power Sling shackle that lets customers save up to 20 percent on synthetic and wire rope costs thanks to its revolutionary design (patent pending). It has an optimal D/d ratio and the widest crown (+10 percent) in the industry.

On top of its cost saving benefits, the Power Sling offers unparalleled safety and ease of handling, the company said. Each shackle has been individually proof-load tested to twice the working load limit; more than any other competing product. Long-term performance is guaranteed by extensive fatigue testing (over 40,000 cycles). Material characteristics have been thoroughly examined, both internally and in the shackle’s surface, by MPI-tests, ultrasonic inspection and X-ray tests. Furthermore, the Power Sling offers great handling thanks to the lower body weight, multiple handling points and RFID-chips in both shackle body and pin.

The Green Pin Power Sling is available in a range from WLL 125 ton to 1,250 ton. The Power Sling can be supplied with a variety of certificates.

Green Pin is the leading brand for premium synthetic and steel wire rope accessories such as shackles and turnbuckles. Green Pin is a brand of the Van Beest Group, the Dutch manufacturer of high quality rigging equipment.

Container lifting

Tandemloc has designed and fabricated the N3100SF Modular Autoloc Container Spreader for ISO container lifting. The Modular Autoloc Container Spreader utilizes the same field-proven operational mechanisms as the fixed frame Tandemloc Autoloc, wherein the frame’s twistlocks lock/unlock onto a container via mechanical operation – no hydraulics or electronics needed – making it more convenient than most manual spreaders as no ground personnel are required. Tandemloc’s standard Modular Autoloc Container Spreader can be used to lift 20 or 40-foot ISO containers weighing up to 70,528 pounds. Flipper guides assist the crane operator in guiding the frame onto the top of the ISO container and indicator flags provide a positive visual cue of the locked twistlocks. The most user-friendly feature of the Modular Autoloc Container Spreader is its ability to be quickly broken down and palletized for LTL freight transport. Simply by removing a series of pins, the Modular Autoloc Container Spreader can be transformed from a 20 or 40-foot rectangular frame down to a size small enough to fit onto a steel shipping pallet. This feature can potentially save users thousands in freight costs and minimizes the container spreader frame’s footprint on the job site or ship deck. The new Autoloc spreader is designed, manufactured and proof tested in the U.S.

Wear pads rigging box

Re-reeving equipment

ReelPower Wire & Cable Inc. has set an industry standard in re-reeving equipment that is ideal for re-reeving cranes, winches, hoists and boom hoist applications that require heavy pay-off tension and take-up rewind capabilities with large, heavy ropes. These rugged units are completely self-contained, with either gasoline or diesel engine powered hydraulic systems up to and including 44hp.

The equipment allows users to more safely change out the wire on a lifting device by providing a shaft to store cable on while replacing the cable, and also allowing the application of back tension to the wire rope as it is being installed.

It eliminates the need to tie the wire rope onto the back of a pickup truck and drag the wire on the ground while changing out the wire rope, which is cumbersome and may damage the wire.

The Re-Reevers come standard with a fork lift base and lift eyes, along with a hand-operated pressure release valve to adjust the torque as needed. There is also a manual hand valve for speed and direction control. The slide coupling disconnect promotes easy and smooth loading as well as “free wheel” capacity.

Standard models begin at 5,000 pounds and go all the way up to and including units that are available for weight capacities exceeding 100,000 pounds. The latest Re-Reeving Series are available with customized torque capabilities and application specific reel dimensions per customer required specifications. Reel Power International is the parent company of Tulsa Power, Reel-O-Matic and Radoil.n

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