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What are the latest developments in wire rope research?
Wire and fiber rope research is intense. D.Ann Shiffler reports.
Synthetic fibre rope for Wolff tower cranes
Hoist rope new from Wolffkran and Trowis as a direct replacement for steel wire rope on tower cranes
Bauma: What’s in store for cranes and specialized transport?
Crane and specialized transport manufacturers are revealing their latest launches to feature at Bauma 2022
Recycled material in Lankhorst heavy lift slings for Heerema
LankoForce HL slings will be used on a 4-point lifting frame for an offshore lifting project
A guide to wire rope replacement
Replacing wire rope on a crane is a comprehensive process that involves many factors.
Bridon-Bekaert launches line of resin end-stops
Bridon-Bekaert Ropes Group now offers end termination design capability for crane ropes.
Wire versus synthetic rope products
With an abundance of rigging products on the market, one of the important decisions that riggers are faced with is choosing between wire or synthetic rope
AWRF cancels Fall General Meeting
The AWRF Fall General Meeting and Product Information Exhibition in Denver, CO will be canceled
Maintaining wire rope for safety and performance on the jobsite
Wire rope maintenance ensures longer life and safer operations.
Bishop Lifting acquires AWRS
American Wire Rope & Sling acquired by Bishop Lifting Products. 
Teufelberger releases new rope technologies
Teufelberger’s new EVOLUTION TK 27 is envisioned for the next generation of crawler cranes.
Synthetic solutions grow alongside project demands
Synthetic rope and sling products grow in innovation alongside project demands.
Hybrid ropes offer ductility and strength
Bamdad Pourladian and Timothy Klein discuss the use of hybrid ropes for lifting and rigging.
IMCA revises wire rope guidance
The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has published a revised version of its publication, Guidance on wire rope integrity management for vessels in the offshore industry
Technical bulletin on fibre rope testing
Manufacturer of synthetic ropes Samson has released a technical bulletin regarding tension fatigue testing on ropes made using synthetic fibres
Alps Wire Rope opens in Texas
The new facility will stock specialty crane ropes, as well as oilfield products and stainless steel ropes
BLP Atomic buyout
Bishop Lifting Products Inc., (BLP) has acquired sling fabricator and marine supply company Atomic Industrial Marine and Supply, based in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Bridon to sell interest in Chinese rope company
Wire rope manufacturer Bridon will sell its majority interest in Bridon Tianjin, manufacturer of elevator rope, to Golik Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong-based company
The lady and the clamp: a woman in the rigging world
Anne Renfroe could be considered an anomaly in the business of rigging products. First of all she is a woman in what has been pretty much considered a man's line of work. Secondly, she is every bit the lady impeccably dressed, well versed and her beautiful Southern drawl a pleasure to hear.
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