Rossco Crane & Rigging has purchased two new Tadano ATF 220G-5’s from RTL Equipment. This is the second and third Tadano cranes Rossco has purchased, as they currently run a 2009 Tadano ATF 220G-5. Their experience with owning a Tadano all-terrain crane product made the purchasing decision simple.


From left to right Bob Krause - Tadano; Jere Kovach, Ross Kovach and J.J. Butler - Rossco Crane & Rigging; Kevin McCrory and Ben Steege - RTL Equipment.

“The 2009 ATF 220G-5 model has been a great machine. It often runs 24 hours a day and has played a huge part in building Rossco as a new crane company,” says Ross Kovach, Rossco Crane & Rigging. “And another deciding factor was how well the machine charts.”

Tadano cranes are built to exacting standards and provide safe, efficient and reliable equipment. 95% of the work Rossco uses the crane for involves the oil and gas industry. The four main areas are construction, drilling, completion (coil tubing and wire line) and production (midstream assets and new infrastructure).

“We are pleased to be a part of Rossco’s continuing relationship with Tadano and look forward to supporting both Rossco and the product,” said Ben Stegge, sales manager for RTL Equipment. “Tadano manufactures the highest quality and most cost-effective cranes to own and operate in the industry today.”

Rossco Crane & Rigging, Inc. provides crane and trucking services for the oil and gas industry, refineries, mines, and industrial and commercial construction. They also have a full service maintenance shop. Their crane and trucking services specialize in well completions, heavy haul trucking, house moves and industrial and commercial installations. One of the original areas of expertise for Rossco Crane & Rigging Inc. is completions, using a combination of top-of-the-line equipment, best-in-industry staff, and experience while maintaining a safety-first focus, resulting in smoother, more efficient completions for their customers.