Sarens Canada purchased two new National Crane NBT30H-2s and a new long reach NBT55L.

Sarens Canada has purchased three National Crane boom trucks to add to its growing fleet. Strongco supplied the boom trucks to Sarens Canada at a handover ceremony held in early June.

“We’d like to thank Lee Rowe and his team at Sarens Canada for the recent acquisition of two new National Crane NBT30H-2s (30 ton capacity) and a new long-reach NBT55L (55 ton capacity),” said Chris Gray, territory manager, Strongco. “We look forward to supporting Sarens Canada as they continue to grow in the country and other regions.”


Sarens Canada’s Operator John Burnie, Branch Manager Ontario Luke Goodfellow, supervisors Allan Whittington and Patrick McMonagle and Country Manager Lee Rowe.