Mammoet had to overcome a series of challenges, including weather and poor ground conditions, to quickly replace a failed gearbox in a wind turbine.


Lifting work was done in 36 hours.

The Whitla Wind 1 project in Southern Alberta, Canada, is a remote and exposed location. Mammoet was awarded the job by long-standing customer Vestas. It was contracted for the transport and heavy lifting of the 38 tonne gearbox.

Unseasonably warm weather the week before starting work made the ground unstable. Garrett Brophy, Mammoet Canada Western crane supervisor, commented, “We were working through some serious weather difficulties. High winds and sub-zero temperatures.” A building and matting plan was configured to safely and efficiently mitigate the conditions, Mammoet said.

For the heavy lifting work Mammoet chose a Demag CC 2400 lattice boom crawler crane. The lifting work was completed in 36 hours. From Mammoet being awarded the project to demobilisation after completion was a period of two weeks.

The project was the first time a gearbox had been exchanged on a Vestas V136 turbine. Whitla Wind 1 is the first site in Canada with this model of turbine and there are 56 of them. Hub height is 105 metres and the rotor diameter is 136 metres. This farm can generate electricity for around 67,000 homes.


Terex Demag CC 2400 lattice crane on Vestas V136 turbine job in Canada.