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Mammoet launches 6,614-ton mega crane
The SK6,000 is a new 6,614-ton capacity super heavy lift crane from Mammoet, to join the existing SK190 and SK350, and the SK10,000 announced in 2019
Mammoet reveals 6,000 tonne crane
The SK6,000 is a new 6,000 tonne capacity super heavy lift crane from Mammoet, joining the existing SK190 and SK350, and the SK10,000 announced in 2019
RopeBlock on Orion crane collapse
Hook company comments on the collapse during testing of the 5,000 tonne Liebherr crane on Orion
Orion crane collapse: updated
New  5,512-ton (5,000 tonne) Liebherr offshore crane brought down during testing in Germany
Bigge super cranes return to market
Two A-Frame Ring Derrick (AFRD) Super Cranes from Bigge are coming back on the market after completing projects at nuclear power plants in the United States. 
Building bridges across North America
The ACT team rounds up some of the latest in innovative bridge projects, 
Mammoet completes Louisiana plant build
Mammoet’s approach to modular construction contributes efficiency gains. 
Monster cranes projects
Several of the world’s largest cranes are performing super heavy lifting throughout the U.S.
ALE uses AL.SK350 in Texas
An AL.SK350 super heavy lift crane used on Texas oil project trial
Bruijninckx appointed Huisman CEO
Theo Bruijninckx new Huisman CEO, Joop Roodenburg now president
Ultra heavy lift market expands
Sarens and Mammoet are shaking up the mega crane market with new models. 
Heavy lifting: trends and projects
Christian Shelton reports on trends and interesting projects in the heavy lift sector worldwide
ALE claims world record lift
At more than 3,000 tonnes, a lift on an FPSO project in Brazil is claimed by ALE as the world’s heaviest commercial lift with a land-based mobile crane
Mammoet and Stoof propose 24,000 tonne crane
A 24,000 tonne capacity crane with a maximum load moment of 1,500,000 tonne-metres has been proposed jointly by Mammoet and Stoof Engineering and Innovation in the Netherlands
ALE load tests 5,000 tonner
The 5,000 tonne capacity AL.SK350 built by ALE and said to be the world’s largest capacity land based crane, has been rigged for the first time and load tested
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